Tuesday 16 September 2014

Ultimate Freshers Week Survival Kit

I was packing my case to embark on the second year of my uni adventure, when I cast my mind back to Freshers Week - a blur of parties, sleep, takeaways, new friendships, hangovers and pot noodles. I decided to put together a list of what I think are the essentials for a successful Freshers Week...

Cold & Flu Remedies // I always though the dreaded "freshers flu" was a myth - but it comes to us all: being with so many new people from different backgrounds, and the general hustle and bustle of such a busy week.

Dry Shampoo // There will be a point during Freshers Week when your hair just NEEDS it.

Fancy Dress // Literally anything goes; there will often be a themed event which you might be able to find out about before, but you can never go wong with things like flower garlands, geek glasses and cat ears.

Alcohol // You'll need a stash for prinks (pre-drinks) and you never know how far away the nearest shop is gonna be.

Cash // Having your debit card is all well and good, but when you need 50p for the washing machine or to chip in for a taxi that's pretty useless.

ID // Not only is a must for nights out (duh), you have to prove who you are to various people on multiple occasions for all sorts of reasons.

Playing Cards // How else are you going to engage in drinking games?!

Bottle Opener // Even if you don't drink beverages that require a bottle opener, it's always a handy thing to have in case anyone asks.

So that's my personal Freshers Week Survival Kit - for any of you heading off to university in the next few weeks, enjoy it and stay safe. You'll have an absolute ball.

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