Monday 15 September 2014

My Autumn Shoe Wishlist // eBay

Another fashion wishlist - this time it's shoes! I luuuuuv shoes, and I find that eBay often does 'dupes' of shoes from places such as Topshop and Zara. They're always super cheap and surprisingly good quality; I've had a pair of heeled Chelsea boots for around 3 years that cost me £20 on eBay - they're still in amazing condition and I wear them on most nights out. Granted that isn't often but all my other heels are battered!

I thought I'd show you the shoes I'm currently lusting after on eBay, so with no further ado, here they are.

1 // Chunky Sole Gladiator Wedges, £19.99+£3.99 Postage - These are what I would call "Tumblr shoes", meaning I don't think I could actually pull them off as they're very indie and very daring. That being said I love them, and you can't really go wrong with black shoes, can you? I think they'd look adorable with frilly socks or glittery socks, and they'd definitely jazz up a casual outfit! Am I brave enough? Hmmm.

2 // Mary Jane "Geek" Shoes, £13.75+£3.49 Postage - I love this type of shoe; Topshop did a whole range of them earlier this year, and while they do look like school shoes, they're just gorgeous. They come in a range of colours, as do all the shoes in this post, and I think pink is a nice different shade of shoe to try. Again these would look amazingly cute with a pair of frilly socks!

3 // Chunky Peep Toe Shoes, £12.99+£3.99 Postage - I've seen these boots on other websites for over £40, so to find these at well under £20 is amazing! I love this sort of shoe and I just get the feeling they'd be really comfy. I already own white boots so I probably won't end up getting these but I do adore them.

That's my Autumn shoe wishlist, what shoes are you lusting after? Come and say hi over on Twitter or Instagram - @katygilroyblog

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