Sunday 7 September 2014

My Trip To Marbs // Summer 2014

I went to Marbella (well, sort of - we stayed a short drive away from the tourist and celeb hot spot!) in August with my boyfriend and his family. I was looking at my photos this evening and realised I never got around to blogging about my trip, so I thought I'd do a short post about what I got up to over there!

The holiday involved a lot of chilling out, which was fine by me after the busy and stressful year I've had! We had a beach day and visited an amazing safari park, as well as spending time by the pool and with my boyfriend's aunty & uncle who live over there.

Selwo Safari Park - click here // We had an amazing day here, it was such a fantastic experience being able to get super close to animals such as baby goats and even lemurs! We walked through all of the park, and then rode on a safari to see the giraffes and zebras, and then got to feed hippos - such a crazy and amazing thing to be able to do.

Peurto Banus // This is literally THE poshest place I've ever been. Like if you don't own a yacht or Ferrari/Bentley/Aston Martin, you are severely out of place. There was every designer shop you could think of: Vivienne Westwood, Cartier, Dior... It was paradise for my car-loving boyfriend and shopaholic me, even if we were too poor to indulge ourselves. We ate at a fantastic Italin tucked away in one of the streets and up a flight of stairs, which sadly I can't remember the name of, but it was lovely!

Malaga // We drove into Malaga for the day, and we did a bit of shopping and wandered through the streets, taking in the culture and the views.

Marbella // We also spent a day in Marbella, which is a crazy mish mash of old and new. The seafront is modern and busy, full of tourists and sun worshippers. But the real gem of Marbella is the old town: winding streets with independent shops and gorgeous little tapas bars. It was one of the highlights of the holiday for me!

A fun day at the beach

Encountering zebras on safari

The sunset at Peurto Banus

Obligatory couples photo
Dress - Primark, £5

Out in Malaga for the day

Dinner OOTD
Dress - Bank, £10

The Lavender Shop, Marbella Old Town

Pink scooter, my dream ride

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