Thursday 7 August 2014

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo // Review

I have naturally blonde hair, but over the years I've messed it up a bit and finally decided to return to blonde - this was a few years ago, and I bleached it which turned it a horrendous yellow/orange colour. I wish I'd known about silver shampoos at the time: they're literally a lifesaver. They aim to get rid of the yellow/orange tones in bleached hair, as well as refreshing the colour of white/silver/grey hair. Purple is the opposite of orange on the colour wheel, which is basically how it works.

My hair was a natural blonde colour again this year, and I wanted to dye it pink - despite many promises to myself and my mum that I would leave it be. I decided that in order to get the pink to be as strong as possible, I would need to bleach it. I did so, with Live XXL 'Ice Blonde'. Despite my hair being blonde already, I was again left with a very yellow tone to my hair.

I had a look online and thought I would give the purple shampoo a go, so I went to Superdrug and picked some up. It retails for around £3 there, but it's always in Savers or Home Bargains for around £1.99! The instructions say to wash your hair with and leave it on for about 5 minutes or so; being the drama queen that I am, I was distraught about my "orange hair" (looking back it was nowhere near as bad as I thought!), and so I left the purple on for around half an hour.

That was probably the best decision I've ever made; when I rinsed it out, the orange tones were practically gone and I was left with shiny white-blonde hair which was just what I wanted! I now use it around twice to three times a week, leaving it in for 5-10 minutes. It can sometimes leave a silver or purple shine in bits of your hair if you leave it in too long, but this does wash out quite easily.

You can get daily purple shampoos which are actually lilac (whereas this is dark purple - but don't be scared, it doesn't stain!) And they do a conditioner too. The whole range works really well to maintain your hair colour.

I never did get round to dying my hair pink, and I love it being the white-blonde shade that it is now!!

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