Tuesday 5 August 2014

My Poolside Essentials

I'm going to Marbella next week to meet up with my boyfriend and his family, and I can see a lot of sunbathing involved. When I go on a relaxing holiday I like to have a little "poolside emergency kit", consisting of the things I think are essential for around the pool.

My gorgeous Little Mermaid bag (which is waterproof so perfect for around the pool) is from Primark and if I remember correctly it was around the £3-£4 mark. It's quite big so it fits everything in it without it looking squashed.

Germolene - I am one of the clumsiest people ever, and once I scraped my entire back trying to hoist myself out a pool (I have no idea how...), and Germolene would have been great then, so I always carry it now.

Tissues - I got this gorgeous pack of tissues from Home Bargains for about 17p or something ridiculous; I think tissues are ALWAYS useful for mopping up spills or blowing your nose or all those other glamorous things.

Bite Relief - This is the thing which looks like a blue pen, by the way. I don't personally get bitten a lot, but with my skin being so sensitive I know it would be a killer if I did, so this is a must-have for me. Plus it's always good to be the one who can help everyone out, right?

Hair Ties & Grips - When will you ever NOT need one? It's typical that if you didn't have one, you'd want one - so they're always good to just chuck in your bag and carry with you.

SPF Lip Balm - It's just as important to protect our lips as it is to protect our bodies, so I bought some SPF lip balms in a pack of 3 for £1.49, again from Home Bargains.This one is vanilla flavour and it smells amazing.

Hand Sanitiser - I think this is always an important thing to have, especially in foreign countries. Try to get an alcohol-free one, as the alcohol can remove your nail varnish and it dries out your hands!

Hand Cream & Body Butter - Sun and chlorine both dry out your hands and body, so it's important to stay moisturised. Plus you'll smell amazing.

Plasters - Like I said, I'm clumsy. And these have Hello Kitty on them. So.

I hope this post has been useful to you, plus I'm really nosy and love seeing what other people take on holiday with them! Of course I'll also have suncream, my MP3 player and a good book. Thanks for reading!

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