Saturday 9 August 2014

My Make-Up Wish List // August 2014

I don't own a particularly large amount of make-up and there's always something I'm lusting after, so I thought I'd put together a "wish list" showing you the make-up I want at the moment. I might make this a regular thing or I might not... we'll see.

1 // Le Rouge Givenchy Lipstick, £25. I already own a Givenchy lipstick from the same line which was a birthday present for my 18th last year - and it is amazing. It's definitely the best lipstick I own; the creamy formula and the longevity of it as well as the pigmentation are all just perfect, and it smells nice. The one I have is a coral shade, but there are so many I'd buy if I had the money.

2 // Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Duo Kit, £24.50. I love Bobbi Brown make-up, and this concealer kit looks great with the complementing powder to go with it. From the reviews I've seen it's really good, and I think it's definitely a fab idea. I might have to purchase this soon...

3 // Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, £37. My boyfriend bought me the original Naked Palette for my birthday as he knew how much I wanted it - and after playing around with it, I've fallen in love with all the colours and the formula of the eyeshadows. Knowing how amazing the first one is only makes me want the 3rd one more!

4 // Benefit Gimme Brow, £17.50. My eyebrows are soooo light that I have to get them tinted, or dye them myself, for them to even be visible - plus they're quite sparse for whatever reason. I definitely think this product would work wonders for me.

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