Tuesday 12 August 2014

Eurcyl Tooth Powder // Review

My teeth have never been the whitest, and I'm desperate to get them as white as possible without spending a fortune. I found Eucryl tooth powder in Home Bargains for about £1 and decided to give it a go. It comes in a box, then inside is a round tub.

I use the original flavour, and the powder itself is a pale pink colour, and basically all you do is brush your teeth as normal, then rinse and wet your brush again, tapping off any excess water. You press your brush into the powder then re-brush your teeth. That's literally it, and even though it's a powder it turns to a foamy consistency as you brush with it. I use it every other day, and it does make a difference.

It doesn't give you sparkling white teeth overnight but with regular usage it does whiten your teeth a few shades. It's easy to use and doesn't taste gross either, plus it's cheap and cheerful so if it doesn't work for you or you don't like it, you haven't broken the bank! I'd definitely recommend giving it a try and seeing how you get on with it.

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