Friday 15 August 2014

L'Oreal Studio Express Refresh Dry Shampoo // Review

I've not written a blog post in well over a week, due to going on holiday to Marbs (which was amazing!) as well as dealing with some family stuff which is going on. So I thought I'd tap out a quick review to distract myself from everything, and today it's a review of a dry shampoo by L'Oreal.

I'm a lover of dry shampoo and have been for ages; when I was younger my hair used to get really greasy very quickly. I used the Batiste stuff for years but I never felt like it did an amazing job. So when I stumbled upon this in Home Bargains I decided to give it a try. Can you tell I like discounted beauty items yet?

Mine is the 'Body Builder' version which has pink detailing on the can, but I believe there are two others in the range - 'Volume Kick' and another which I'm not too sure of. They retail for around the £4 mark, but I got mine for £1.49! It's quite a "strong" aerosol, meaning you might want to open some windows because it's quite overpowering, but it smells nice and it makes me hair feel as if I've just washed it, which no other dry shampoo has ever done before. It genuinely does give my hair some body too.

The downside is that it does leave white marks in your hair. While this isn't a problem for someone with white blonde hair, like myself, it wouldn't work for those of you with darker hair. Other than that I can't fault this product whatsoever, especially if I can get it that cheap!

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  1. I Will have that dyr shampoo it is so reely good this is my fav, dyr shampoo