Friday 11 July 2014

My Top 10 Albums For Summer

Summer is fast approaching so I thought I'd throw together a list of my favourite albums and those that I think definitely belong on everyone's MP3s this Summer. They're not in any particular order, nor are they new and famous - but they are the ones I love bopping away to around the pool.

#1 - Rumours / Fleetwood Mac. This is definitely a golden oldie, with a mixture of slow and fast songs that always make you feel good. A lovely relaxing album, too.

#2 - Electra Heart / Marina and the Diamonds. One of my all time faves; her voice is just exquisite and all the songs are so upbeat. A perfect summer soundtrack.

#3 - Wicked Soundtrack / Wicked Cast. Obviously this won't be to everyone's tastes, but if you've seen the musical I'm sure you can agree that the music is AMAZING.

#4 - On A Clear Night / Missy Higgins. She's hands down my favourite singer; all of her albums are amazing and it was tough to pick between them, I'd recommend them all. So soothing for those days when you want to chill and do nothing in the sunshine.

#5 - Down The Way / Angus and Julia Stone. If you love folk music then this is definitely worth a listen; I love this album and again it's perfect for just relaxing to.

#6 - {self titled album} / Big Brother and the Holding Company. A friend of mine recommended I listen to Janis Joplin, which led to me discovering Big Brother and the Holding Company; this album is upbeat and so much fun to listen to - perfect BBQ music.

#7 - Our New Life Above Ground / Avalanche City. This one's a definitely beach album. Enough said.

#8 - Suck It And See / Arctic Monkeys. Out of all their albums, I think this one's my favourite; 'funky' and upbeat tunes, perfect for lounging around and having fun in the sun!

#9 - Cavalier Youth / You Me At Six. Their newest album and definitely their most mature. I love this for warm afternoons in the garden.

#10 - Swing When You're Winning / Robbie Williams. Swing is one of my favourite genres of music, and I'm a massive Robbie fan - so this album and his newest, Swing Both Ways, are absolutely spot on for me.

All of these albums are ones I love and have listened to countless times, and they never fail to make me smile.

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