Saturday 12 July 2014

My eBay Basket #1

I know Victoria already has an amazing series of these posts and mine will be nowhere near as good as her's, but eBay is literally my go-to when it comes to buying literally ANYTHING - so I thought I'd show you what's in my basket this July.

Skirt - click here! As you might be able to tell, I'm massively into prints. I'm also a huge fan of the monochrome trend which is floating around right now; so this midi skirt is absolutely perfect for me, and a steal at £9.99

Shoes - click here! I loved the geek-shoes trend when Topshop were doing them, and I even bought a pair of the Primark ones. I love anything shiny, too, so these are a definite winner for me. Paired with some frilly socks, they'll look fab and especially for only £9.99

Shirt - click here! This is actually an ex-Topshop piece, so it may be controversial, but I love it when people are selling "factory seconds"/returns on eBay because for me, Topshop is so overpriced. I love this shirt though, and it's actually been reduced to only £6.95 - plus lilac is my favourite colour sooooo...

Co Ord - click here! Two pieces are so in this year, and like I said, I'm a lover of prints (especially vintage looking florals) so this is just spot on as far as I'm concerned. Again it's only £9.99 so you can't really go wrong, especially as both parts can be worn separately too!

So there's nothing too exciting in my eBay basket at the moment as it's just been my birthday so I did order a few of the bits I'd had my eye on; hopefully I'll do these monthly or maybe even once a fortnight - I'm eBay obsessed* so I've loved writing this post! *Not sponsored

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