Thursday 10 July 2014

My Top Picks of the Topshop Summer Sale

I thought I'd put together a few outfits from my favourite bits that have made their way into the Topshop sale this time around; all the outfits come to under £50 each, which is pretty good for an entire outfit from Topshop if you ask me...

I think this is my favourite of all the outfits; I adore the skirt especially. Denim skirts are so retro and they're not something which are too everyone's taste, but the pattern on this just makes it even more lovely. Sandals are always a winner in the Summer, and a short-sleeved light knit is a must for those temperamental evenings. The light colours in this outfit tie together well, with the blue of the jumper really bringing out the pretty colours in the skirt. LOVE IT.

I love the complete clash of black and white with the stunning neon pink, mixing complete classiness with a pop of fun. The skirt is to die for, and with florals being in every year it's something you can keep in your wardrobe forever. Jelly sandals are one of my favourite pieces of summer fashion, bringing the 90s vibe into the outfit in the gorgeous Barbie pink colour. With the cropped style of the top and the skirt sitting just on the waist, this is definitely a flattering outfit for those Summer evenings.

I love the trend of putting two completely different patterns together - so the gingham and floral really appeal to me here because they're so different from each other yet both so nice. Both pieces are so versatile, and Topshop leggings are always so comfy. The heels turn this outfit from casual daytime wear to something you could easily wear on a night out with your friends. 

* All items were available at time of writing.
* Non-sponsored post.

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