Saturday 26 July 2014

DIY Hair Masks // My Experience

Being a cheapskate student I do sometimes begrudge paying the prices of some hair masks - but I know that my hair needs a good pampering every now and then, due to it being bleached. So in the past two weeks I've tried a couple of DIY home-made hair masks with things I've found in the kitchen. Here's how I got on...

#1 - Mayo and Honey // Not quite the combination you'd put on your toast, and both are foods that I absolutely hate - but they worked wonders on my hair. All you have to do is mix a few spoonfuls of mayonnaise and honey together (I added some drops of olive oil for extra moisture), and slather onto wet hair. I then chucked mine into a bun and put a warm turban-towel on my head while I got on with emails/blog stuff/watching Tv. I left it on for about 20 minutes then rinsed it with warm water - but I could still smell the disgusting mayo-scent, so I used a normal conditioner afterwards just to get rid of the stench. My hair felt amazing! I brushed it through and was left with super-soft glossy hair that stayed soft for a few days. I'd definitely recommend this hair mask, because the ingredients are things which stay in your fridge for ages so you can just use a little bit at a time and it'll last you for months!

#2 - Eggs // Someone recommended this to me on Facebook so I had a quick look online and discovered that mixing egg yolks and olive oil with a splash of water is meant to be great for your hair - so that's what I did last night. I washed my hair then applied the mixture to the length and ends of my hair. I ended up leaving it on for ages because I got reaaaalllly distracted by YouTube videos, oops. So when I eventually washed it off I was expecting super glossy and healthy locks - but this wasn't the case, unfortunately. My hair seemed just as dry and matted as it was beforehand, and it still feels a bit gross today. I'm glad I tried it out but I won't be doing it again!

I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to check out my blog post about a DIY face-mask I tried a few weeks ago! You can find that here!

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