Sunday 27 July 2014

Should you have a part-time job at university?

I've recently finished my first year of university and returned home for the Summer with barely a penny to my name; I've managed to get my old job back to last me through the few months that I'm off until I'm reunited with my student loan. But my experience has led me to question whether or not you should have a part time job while studying at university. All views are strictly my own opinion.

I didn't personally get a job while I was in my first year, but I am looking for one to have during second and third year. It probably would have benefited me financially to have one during my first year, but there are a few reasons I didn't get one. I've listed below the reasons to get a job during your FIRST YEAR of university, and also the reasons not to...

Reasons you should probably get a job...
- If you actually can't pay your rent and can't get parental help.
- If your loan covers your rent but literally nothing else.
- If you're really bored.
- If you live at home and have nothing to do outside of teaching hours.
- If you have awful house mates that you want to escape.
- If you're addicted to Topshop.

Reasons you shouldn't get a job...
- You're settling into a new place and situation with new people.
- You may have too much work to do.
- You have other commitments such as sporting activities.
- You are one of the lucky ones who get a super high loan and have money to spare.
- You're having too much fun.

For me, I didn't get a job because I technically didn't need one; I had enough money to live off, and if I hadn't spent so much on taxis I could probably have coped with a Topshop addiction (okay, maybe just Primark...) Also, I was getting used to living independently in a new city with new people away from my family & friends. I didn't starve and I was generally happy throughout the year, so a job wouldn't have benefited me that much.

That being said, I am looking for one to keep during second & third year, for something to do and for a bit of extra money that I can save towards a flat when I finish uni for good!


  1. Personally, I didn't get a job whilst at Uni, but I worked for the years before I went and in the first summer back between 1st and 2nd year. For me, it was about the work load, I didn't feel I was able to fit both study and a job in at the same time. My bf, he did work, as his work load was less but when his final year came around he stopped working too as the workload became more and more.
    We had our student loads between us and that was it, with some careful budgeting we managed just fine. Between 2nd and 3rd year, I took a placement year and earned some money from that and working over time hours each day to earn more. Between the end of the placement and my final year we managed to take a one month travelling trip to Europe with the money we saved :) Which, was the best bit of the whole uni experience!

    1. Yeah I know exactly what you mean! I'm a bit worried about balancing the work load & a job in the next 2 years but my loan just isn't enough, plus I want to save for the future at the same time! Ahhh I'm so jealous that you got to travel, I'm hoping me and my boyf get to travel after uni :D