Monday 24 June 2024

My May/June 2024 reads

2024 has not been a great reading year for me so far, in terms of volume - I definitely thought I'd have read more this year than I have so far. I've been quite poorly for a lot of May and June, with severe (and prolonged) sinusitis which has made it difficult to concentrate as I've been having terrible headaches and dizziness; this explains why I've not got through as many books as I'd hoped, but enough about that. Let's move onto the books I *have* read over the past 6 weeks or so and what I thought of them!

The Crew by J M Hewitt

I am such a water baby and I love anything set on a boat/ship, at a port and so on. This is a thriller about a girl who works on a fancy yacht, and she's coming back for a new season after the death of a colleague last summer. But who really was the girl who died, and what really happened? It's fast paced, set in gorgeous Greece, and full of characters who are very difficult to work out... I really enjoyed this one, and I think it's the sort of book that's a perfect sunbed read if you're into thrillers. Buy it here

Nobody Saw a Thing by Andrea Mara

I listened to this as an audio book, which is something I've been trying (and honestly, failing) to get into. I get too distracted and end up missing bits of the plot! Nevertheless, this is a great book and I can see why it's had so much praise lately. It follows a woman who is visiting London with her husband and two kids, to meet up with the husband's old friends, and her little girls get on the train before she does - and one of them doesn't come back. But it seems that nobody saw what happened, and the book tracks the day as they try to figure out what happened. Definitely worth a read - and I didn't see the twist coming... Buy it here

The Quit List by Katie Bailey

I've been getting SO into romance lately, and I adored The Quit List by Katie Bailey. Fed up of dates with awful men, our main character befriends the barman from her usual date night haunt and he attempts to coach her into finding the perfect man. I'm sure you know exactly how that ends! If you like friends to romance tropes and books set in nature, give it a go - I can't wait to read more from her. Buy it here

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

I know this is now a TV series and I definitely want to watch that as I've heard such good things, but I wanted to read it first and I've had this on my bookcase for years - I read it in a day, despite how chunky it is, when I was off work poorly. I thought it was brilliant, and it genuinely had me questioning ever single character as I flew threw it. It's a really interestingly written thriller about a parent who dies at a school event and the story behind it all, and I'd definitely recommend. Buy it here

My Mechanical Romance by Alexene Farol Follmuth

I love a bit of YA, and this one is great - it's about a girl who moves school and has to join the robotics club. She's smart enough but has no interest in it at first, and she really doesn't get on with the popular guy who seems to run the whole thing. But over time, she falls in love with both robotics AND the boy... Buy it here

The Second Husband by Louise Candlish

I borrowed this off my mum's bookcase because I was staying there for a night and I'd finished the book I'd taken with me - I've tried a Louise Candlish book before and DNF'd it as I didn't like it, and honestly I'm not sure if I enjoyed this one either. I was definitely more intrigued by this one and I did finish it; it's a really dark story about a woman who remarries and goes on to find out something pretty gross about her new husband. I thought the ending was very rushed, and the characters were unremarkable. A bit 'meh' for me! Buy it here

The Bad Sister by J A Corrigan

The final book of this round up was absolutely crazy; it's about three sisters who grew up in a big house marred with tragedy, and now as adults they're all trying to escape their past - which was absolutely awful, as it goes. With twists, turns, secrets, surprises, drama, death and so much more this is definitely a thriller that's not for the weak. Buy it here

A Girl Can Dream by Emily Barr

This is my second Emily Barr read and I absolutely LOVED it; I read it on the way back from our recent trip to York, and just devoured it. Hazel wakes up in Venice with no memory of getting there, and we follow her trip as she jumps through time, loses her friends and so much more - this story is interspersed with throwbacks to her abusive relationship. The way Emily writes is enchanting, and the story is so clever and important, and I just definitely think everyone should read this. It's YA, though the topics are a bit more grown up, and it's simply beautiful. Buy it here

Let me know if you've read any of these books and what you thought of them...

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