Friday 6 October 2023

AD | 3 important stages of justifying a home renovation

We are currently looking to renovate our little back room into a utility room and downstairs bathroom; it's a big job, and we have to make sure it's worth doing before we dive in. Today I'm sharing a collaborative post based on this topic - justifying a home renovation!

It’s not always easy to renovate your property over time. It takes time, energy, effort, and no uncertain amount of funds. Of course, if you have these, then you deserve to renovate to your heart’s content. That said, for some people this decision can be harder to pull the trigger on. Should we renovate the bathroom or bedroom this time, given that our next renovation might not be possible until next year? Questions like this can abound.

For this reason, you may be looking for clear guidelines that help you figure out a path forward, and if you can justify this particular renovation in the first place. It might not be that now is the best time to sort out your garden and a possible koi pond when you could refurbish the kitchen from top to bottom during the winter instead.

With that in mind, let’s consider how you might justify a home renovation, and the methods it could take to get there. Without further ado, please consider some of the following efforts going forward:

Project Deadlines & Timetables

A home renovation will take time to complete. In that time, parts of your house may not be as functional as they could be. For example, if your kitchen is being torn out and replaced from the ground up, you may need to make separate arrangements for cooking, using a hot plate in a different part of the house and managing the fire safety considerations around that. If you can plan around the renovation or have alternative living arrangements, odds are scheduling this for a certain time has become more feasible.

Cost & Soft Budgets

A renovation rarely costs the exact figure you forecast, even with the quotes from the trade professionals you’re using to construct it. This is because sometimes you may need to alter the materials used in the space, supply may be limited, you may accidentally damage tiles that were being removed or a thousand other unforeseen considerations. As such, no renovation should be scheduled on a highly tight and inflexible budget. A soft landing for unexpected costs, being able to pay the serviced professionals sooner for a small discount, and also shopping around for the best deals take time, and having a little extra to your budget grants perfect peace of mind.

Warranty & Repairs

It’s not just how the home renovation is scheduled now, but what it will look like in a number of years that matters. It may be that one particular roofing system offers a five year extended warranty over another, and that can inspire your selection of that option. That can apply to many measures, like repair and replacement of your bathroom fixtures, or deck maintenance services that will be happy to come and resolve any problems you’ve encountered. Having this peace of mind can help you plan out your household budget in the long term, as opposed to it becoming a regular or corrective expense.

With this advice, you’re sure to justify a home renovation in the best way. We wish you the best of luck in your approach!

Let me know if you're planning any home renovations, I'd love to know...

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