Wednesday 10 May 2023

Where to eat and drink in New Brighton in 2023

With Eurovision around the corner (a few days, eek!) I thought I would pop together a list of where you can eat and drink in New Brighton, if you've got accommodation this side of the water or just fancy a visit during your time in Liverpool. And of course, it goes without saying that this list will continue to be relevant after the event, so if you live nearby and want recommendations then here we go! 

side by side imagery of New Brighton, Wirral

Pubs in New Brighton

There are plenty of pubs to choose from in New Brighton; I've listed them all below along with a bit about the 'vibe' of each place or anything you need to know!

🍺 The Ship, Victoria Parade - 2 pool tables, free jukebox, football on, my local, friendly bar staff, dog-friendly, very affordable
🍺 The Sandridge, Rowson Street - great staff, wide range of drinks, regular live music, dog-friendly, large beer garden
🍺 The Cask, Rake Lane - cask ales, lovely staff, regular live music, football on, dog-friendly
🍺 The Perch Rock, Grosvenor Road - outdoor seating, quaint decor, good range of drinks
🍺 The Harbour, Hope Street - cheap, laidback, maritime-themed interior

🍺 The James Atherton, Victoria Road - slightly more upmarket, Indian food available, plenty going on, dog-friendly
🍺 The Pilot Boat, Magazine Brow - incredible food, nice staff, dog-friendly area
🍺 The New Brighton Hotel - amazing food, football on, really spacious, lovely staff
🍺 The Mags, Magazine Brow - decent beer garden, wide range of drinks, good food, dog-friendly
🍺 The Telegraph Inn, Mount Pleasant Road - large beer garden, good food, dog-friendly

Bars in New Brighton

New Brighton also has a few really good bars to choose from!

✨ Rockpoint Records, Victoria Road - coffeehouse, barbers, record shop AND bar; live music, good vibes
✨ Tallulah's Emporium, Victoria Road - recently renovated, beautiful decor, lovely staff and good drinks
✨ Homebrew Tap, Victoria Road - independent craft beer spot, outdoor seating, upmarket
✨ The Bow-Legged Beagle, Victoria Road - micropub, really small but great vibes & lots of different beer
✨ The Phoenix, Rake Lane - late night spot, pool tables, football on, loads of drink options


Eateries in New Brighton

A mix of restaurants and cafés, hopefully you'll find some great places to eat over here too!

🍴 Ayla, Marine Point - delicious Turkish food, friendly staff, affordable, good vibes
🍴 Portofino, Marine Promenade - lovely Italian food, nice staff, decent price point
🍴 Magic Spices, Seabank Road - best Indian food, amazing staff, lovely space
🍴 The Good Hood, Victoria Road - brand new, funky decor, amazing burgers 
🍴 Bistro 115, Rowson Street - booking is a must, amazing food, really intimate
🍴 The Olive Tree Bistro, Victoria Road - gorgeous Italian food, friendly staff, cute decor
🍴 Marino Lounge, Marine Point - fantastic breakfasts, lovely staff, dog-friendly area, great views
🍴 Nickel City, Seabank Road - American vibes, amazing bagels and sandwiches, wonderful staff

🍴 Prezzo, Marine Point - Italian chain food, it is what it is
🍴 Seaside Cafe, Marine Promenade - cheap but fantastic British fare, lovely staff
🍴 Perch Fish Bar, Marine Promenade - classic fish and chips on the seafront
🍴 Smugglers Cave - the BEST breakfasts in New Brighton, really affordable, intimate setting, lovely staff
🍴 Social 114, Victoria Road - brunch spot, good pastries, dog friendly, great vibes
🍴 Becky's Brekkys, Victoria Road - fresh & affordable breakfast, nice staff, good location
🍴 The Sea Shanty, Atherton Street - oppposite the train station, coffee & vegan cakes galore
🍴 The Seahorse, Marine Point - it's a hungry horse...
🍴 Driftwood Cafe, Victoria Parade - wide range of food, afternoon tea, great location
🍴 Remember When Wirral, Victoria Parade - quaint & quirky, afternoon tea, vegan/GF options
🍴 Mediterranean Sea, Marine Promenade - traditional seaside fish & chips

Okay I *think* this is everything but I'm sure somebody local will drop somewhere else in the comments that I've forgotten, so be sure to check there too - and if you do come over to New Brighton, I hope you enjoy your time in our gorgeous seaside town.

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