Tuesday 2 May 2023

MO.OM Hotel, Milan | review

It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally getting around to posting some content from my trip to Milan last year. I went with my bestie, Mollie, and we had an absolute ball as we always do when we travel together. This blog post is all about our hotel stay - the good, the bad and the ugly...

I booked our trip through LoveHolidays, which I find to be quite handy when looking at city breaks sometimes; often it works out cheaper to just book everything yourself, but as we knew we wanted to pay this off in instalments it was definitely the best way to do it. I chose the hotel and flight times, sent them to Mollie for approval, and we got to planning our trip.

Getting to Milan

However... one big mistake we made, and I don't know how it happened, is that we just completely forgot to actually look at whereabouts the hotel was in comparison to either the city OR the airport. Don't ask my why, because as a seasoned traveller and city-break-goer this should definitely not be an issue! But as we got ready to board our flight, Mollie asked me how we were getting from the airport to the hotel; I suggested a taxi, as we were landing late, so we looked at how far the distance was and how much that might cost. Oh dear - it turns our hotel was neither near the airport or the city.

We had booked the Mo.Om Hotel, which is actually a motel, located in Olgiate Olona. This is an hour's drive from Milan Bergamo airport, so far too expensive for a taxi, and also a 45 minute drive from the centre of Milan itself which meant getting from the airport to Milan to the hotel was impossible via public transport at that time of night. We almost didn't get on the plane because we were so stressed, but we decided to turn it into an adventure and book an airport hotel for when we landed. This added an extra £100 onto the cost of the trip, AND another 30 euros for a taxi to get there because it wasn't actually particularly close to the aiport either. But it was clean & comfy and included breakfast, so that was that.

The next day 

When we woke up, we ate breakfast and then had to figure out how to get from where we were through to our hotel. What a trek! We got a bus to Lombardia station, then a train from here to Milano Centrale. From here we made our way, via train, to Busto Arsizio station. This is the closest station to the Mo.Om Hotel Milan; it's still a 40 minute walk away, but on this occasion we did manage to get an Uber. We eventually reached the hotel (hot, sweaty, tired, stressed) at around lunchtime.

It was definitely an adventure! We got a sandwich and a drink at the hotel bar, which cost us around 12 euros each, then got changed and headed straight back into Milan to explore. Being so far out of the city we knew we would have to do early days to give ourselves time to get back to the hotel before it got too dark each evening!

Mo.Om Hotel, Milan

The hotel itself is definitely more of a motel; our room had its own car parking space. It's very clear that this a hotel that is only really accessible by car. If you are driving to Milan or hiring a car upon arrival, then I'd definitely recommend it - parking in Milan is free in white spaces and starts at 3 euros per hour in a blue space. I don't drive at all but apparently driving in Milan is fairly manageable. 

Mo.Om Hotel Milan is labelled as a boutique hotel, and it's really modern and arty. There is an on-site restaurant, which we actually didn't eat as the food was a bit too classy for us two, and it has a gym as well as free Wi-Fi. Pets are allowed, and the rooms have little mini bars which are about as expensive as you'd imagine. The lights in our room always took ages to come on the toilet didn't always flush properly, but other than I'd say the room was fine. It was plenty big enough for the two of us (we shared the bed) although there isn't much in terms of storage space, so we just laid our clothes out on the sofa.

It was very clean and the staff were pleasant and helpful - overall I'd give it a 6/10, but you'd definitely get on better if you were driving like I say! So, lesson learned really... check the location before you book the flipping hotel in future.

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  1. Sounds like a solid hotel room. Definitely more convenient for drivers. One of the sometimes frustrating aspects of circling the globe is being the guinea pig; try as we may, we literally cannot plan for everything. Sometimes, things come out of left field. Thanks for sharing with us.