Wednesday 18 January 2023

8 recent reads | January 2023

The year has got off to a *great* start when it comes to reading - I read around 62 books in 2022 and I'm aiming for 100 in 2023, which will be my biggest reading year yet. I've just got back from Krakow (blog posts to come, of course!) and with the travelling, flights and hotel room chilling I managed to get a few books read. Without further ado, here's my thoughts on those and the books I've read since my last recent reads post!

Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

I absolutely LOVE the Shopaholic series and I plan on reading all the ones I haven't read yet over the course of this year. This one is of course set at Christmas, and I picked it up for 50p in a local charity shop to read over the festive season. It was a joyous story about Becky and her family and friends, and how they give her the responsibility of hosting Christmas; throw in an ex boyfriend moving to the area, a desperate attempt to buy a specific present for her husband, and of course her shopping addiction... well, it makes for a fun tale and a really lovely book! Buy it here.

The Chalet by Catherine Cooper

I've never been skiing and after my terrifying foray up a mountain in Poland I'm not sure I ever will, but I absolutely LOVED reading about ski life in this book; set across two different time periods, it follows the story of a death which takes place at a ski resort - and how it all comes to a head years later. From posh people getting snowed in to a little girl navigating the care system, this is a really interesting and well-written book. I'd definitely recommend. Buy it here.

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

When it comes to psychological thrillers, Lucy Foley always comes highly recommended. I've read The Hunting Party and when I saw this one on Kindle Unlimited, I decided to give it a go. I actually really enjoyed this; set on a remote island off Ireland, it follows the story of a wedding where something really disastrous takes place. The side plots were great and the characters were really interesting; if you're looking for a standard and likeable thriller, this one's for you. Buy it here.

The Wife Next Door by Rona Halsall 

This was another Kindle Unlimited pick - I'm definitely making the most of that subscription! It's the story of a couple who have split up and both moved on to new relationships; they decide to buy new houses next door to each other, becoming one big blended/extended family. Sounds good in theory, but of course it goes wrong. Little things start to happen, arguments start to take place, and somebody's bound to get hurt. But who can you trust?! This is a clever psychological thriller with a twist I definitely didn't anticipate... Buy it here.

The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland by Rebekah Crane

I've read three Rebekah Crane books this month, because they're all on Kindle Unlimited, and I really really really like them. This one is about a girl who gets shipped off to a summer camp for children with mental health troubles, and at first she won't really admit to why she's there - but over a few weeks of making friends, falling in love, trying new things and opening up, everything falls into place. If you read YA, add this to your list. Buy it here.

Only the Pretty Lies by Rebekah Crane

Another gorgeous YA book, following Amoris - a high schooler living in a progressive town with unconventional parents. Her boyfriend is off at university, and she works in the cafe her grandmother used to own. Everything is simple and good and nice. But then her childhood friend moves in next door and throws everything up in the air. Her personal beliefs and morals are questioned, and it seems like all the solidity in her life is turning into something which just slips through her fingers. Lovely lovely lovely book which is guaranteed to make you think. Buy it here.

The Upside of Falling Down by Rebekah Crane

My third Rebekah Crane book of the month was The Upside of Falling Down. I think this was my favourite of the three - set in Ireland, it follows a girl who has survived a plane crash and ended up with no memory of who she is. So she invents a new persona, starts a new life, and tries to figure it all out by making friends, doing things that scare her, and falling in love. But is it ever that easy to start over? Massively recommend this one, whether you're a regular YA reader or not! Buy it here.

Until I Met You by Amber Rose Gill

Having never watched Love Island and never having followed Amber on social media etc, I didn't know she'd written a book. I found this for 50p in my local charity shop, and I was genuinely intrigued to know if it was any good - romance isn't my *typical* genre, but I decided I had nothing to lose. I genuinely LOVED this so much; it's an enemies to lovers type of romance, set at a wedding in Tobago, following two singletons Samantha and Roman. She's a travel blogger and he's just left a Wall Street job, and well... the rest is history, really. It's not too mushy, not too smutty, not too sickening. I'd highly recommend! Buy it here.

It's been SUCH a good reading month so far. I'm also trying to utilise Goodreads this year, not for posting reviews but just for keeping track, so if you're on there feel free to give me a follow. As always, if you've read any of these or have any recommendations let me know!

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