Thursday 24 March 2022

My recent reads | Feb/March 2022

I've somehow left it waaaay too long without documenting the books I've read recently but here we are - these are from the end of January (Feb, really) to now, and there definitely aren't as many as I'd hoped there would be but please enjoy these quickfire reviews, and let me know if you've read any of them!

The Couple At The Table by Sophie Hannah

I was on the blog tour for this (always an honour, she is my favourite authour EVER) so you can read my in-depth review here. But I loved this, as I knew I would - a real murder mystery and a great addition to the Spilling CID series, which I highly recommend to everyone but especially psychological thriller fans. Buy it on Waterstones or Amazon

The Perfect Couple by Jackie Kabler

I read this for free on Amazon Prime on the Kindle - I liked it at the time, although I can't remember the twist which suggests it's not amazing. It was definitely an intriguing and fairly easy read though, and it's still free to read now if you have Kindle. Read for free on Kindle

Float by Kate Marchant

I've been trying to utilise NetGalley more, because hello free books, and loved this ARC. It follows Waverly, stuck in the middle of her parents' divorce, as she spends the summer with her aunt - making friends, getting in trouble and falling in love. A typical but beautifully written coming of age style story which I enjoyed immensely. If you're a YA fan, put this on your radar. Buy on Amazon

I Know You by Claire McGowan

I loved this book - a woman finds a body in the woods on her run, which turns out to be a) her boyfriend's ex and b) not the first body she's ever found. We flit back and forth between the last time she found a body, and this time - it's a fascinating story, if a little far-fetched in places perhaps, but I enjoyed it and loved the ending too. Read free on Kindle or order on Waterstones

Every Little Secret by Sarah Clarke

This was another NetGalley ARC, about a little girl who starts accusing her dad of hurting her - mum is torn but ultimately wants to protect her daughter, and it turns into a whole drama. It's fast paced and utterly blindsiding in its ending and subplots. Would definitely recommend if you really want to get lost in a book! Pre-order on Amazon or Waterstones

The No Show by Beth O'Leary

Everyone loves The Flat Share by Beth O'Leary, although controversially I... didn't. But I enjoyed The Switch and when ARCs of the her newest book became available on NetGalley I chanced my hand - I was surprised to be accepted but I was really looking forward to reading this one. I read it from start to finish on the plane to Tenerife and absolutely loved it. Devoured it. It's a story that could so easily be clumsy but it's done SO well, following one man and three women, all linked together in a strange dating triangle (square) that becomes clear over time and wraps up beautifully. Chef's kiss indeed! Per-order various editions on Waterstones

Genuine Fraud by E Lockheart

I really enjoy E Lockheart's writing, and Genuine Fraud is a great book. It revolves around runaway heiress Imogen and best friend Jules - told backwards, we see their friendship unravel in the heat of the American summer. I can't say too much without giving it all away but I'd definitely recommend this to absolutely anyone! Buy from Waterstones or Amazon

Lies by T M Logan

I've read a few of T M Logan's books, and Lies was on Amazon Prime on the Kindle - I flew threw it and really enjoyed it. Not my favourite of his, but still really good; it's about two couples, an affair, a no-body murder and an intense effort to frame the wrong person... Buy it on Amazon or Waterstones
Have you read any of these? As always, recommendations in the comments are appreciated!


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