Saturday 9 October 2021

My (big fat) Greek bucket list with Jet2

I love Greece - the history, the islands, the food, the architecture! Jet2 recently hosted a gorgeous virtual Greek cocktail night and while I wasn't able to attend due to work commitments, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bunch of cocktail ingredients and the instructions on how to make them! I haven't had the chance to actually make any yet, but keep your eyes peeled because I will be doing so very soon...

Anyway, today I wanted to share the destinations currently on my Greek bucket list - all of which you can visit with Jet2. I can't wait to get back to this beautiful country!


One of my top Greek bucket list destinations is Lefkas. We're talking sheer cliffs and turquoise water, hidden coves and white sandy beaches and red roofs. Jet2 offer trips to thirteen different resorts across the island, with some gorgeous hotels to choose from. Lefkas is all about the beaches, but you can also visit the beautiful Nydri Waterfalls, head to the top of the Agios Petros mountain, and try your hand at sea kayaking. Their wine is also said to be the best in Greece, so!

Photo by Franz Schafer


Located on the mainland, Halkidiki is breathtaking. Soooo pretty. Choose from 22 gorgeous resorts when visiting with Jet2, and enjoy a perfect blend of beautiful beaches and fascinating archaeological sites. Halkidiki is a peninsula split into three smaller peninsulas, with plenty of greenery giving way to sandy coastal areas. From the monasteries of Mount Athos to the booming nightlife, Halkidiki has it all and it's definitely on my Greek bucket list. 

Photo by Nikolina Mickovska


For something else entirely, the port city of Thessaloniki is a must. I would love to visit here on a city break with my mum - I think we'd have a ball. Greece isn't the type of place that springs to mind when you think of a typical city break (for me, at least!) but you can visit Thessaloniki with Jet2 so you don't even have to DIY it. From the colourful Bezestini Market to the 4th-century Arch of Galerius and the Rotunda, there's loads to see as well as bars, coffee shops and restaurants galore.

Photo by Leandos Papakarmezis


I know, I know, how basic. But somewhere with those classic white and blue buildings cannot be missed out of this big Greek bucket list! I've been to Mykonos before and found it windy/expensive/crowded, but Santorini is equally gorgeous and just seems like more of my vibe. So so so beautiful, and Jet2 offer trips to 10 different resorts on the island. Catch the famous Fira sunset, fall in love with Oia, go hiking or just chill on one of the gorgeous beaches. It's one of the most popular islands for a reason! I loved watching Molly's recent Santorini vlogs - it just looks so prettyyyy.

Photo by Jonathan Gallegos

So there you have it - my top 4 dream locations in Greece, all available to visit with Jet2. We actually visited Kefalos in Kos with Jet last year on a last minute trip; we stayed at the Hermes and I absolutely couldn't recommend it more! Have you been to anywhere on my list?!

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