Wednesday 25 August 2021

Bath and Body Works at Next

For so long the question has always been "where can we get Bath and Body Works in England" - Google was constantly flooded with how to get Bath and Body Works in the UK, and so on and so forth. There were ways, of course, buying on eBay at inflated prices or getting your mate to pick some up on holiday, or using a shipping service to get some sent across from the US. But now, finally, we can easily get our hands on Bath and Body works in the UK... at Next!

Simply head to the Next website to get your hands on some amazing Bath and Body Works stock without having to pay hefty delivery fees and taxes. They seem to be stocking the following product types:

💜 Moisturising body wash
💜 Travel-sized shower gel
💜 Body lotion
💜 Ultra shea body cream
💜 Nourishing bar soap
💜 2-in-1 hair & body wash
💜 Fine fragrance mist
💜 Body butter
💜 Hand cream
💜 Bubble bath
💜 Super smooth body lotion
💜 Mini cologne 
💜 Diamond shimmer mist
💜 Mini perfume spray
💜 Essential oil mist
💜 Body wash + foam bath
💜 Creamy luxe hand soap
💜 Bath soak
💜 Eau de parfum
💜 Pillow & body mist
💜 3 wick candles
💜 Cologne

These each come in various scents. Sadly they don't stock the famous pocket bacs (although I have about 18 of them in my office...) but they might one day! I'll definitely be getting my hands on some Bath and Body Works products from Next, and I'm thrilled that they are finally easily accessible in the UK. Much of it is currently sold out but keep checking, you might just strike lucky.

So there you have it - where to get Bath and Body Works in the UK! What's your favourite scent from them if you've tried them before?

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