Saturday 13 February 2021

Places I'd (probably) never travel to again

I miss writing travel content and seeing as nobody's allowed to travel at the moment I thought I would reach into my memories and talk about some places I've been that I probably won't go to again, for whatever reason. No offence if you live in any of these places or they're your fave holiday destination, but they just weren't really ... for me. You know?


I planned to fall in love with Vienna but honestly, I didn't like it at all. It reminded me of London but way less friendly - so busy and full of people, dirty and graffitied and just a bit weird. Also, SO expensive. There are hardly any affordable bars in the city centre, and even those further out can be pretty pricey when you just want a pint and to rest your feet after a day of sightseeing. What I will say about Vienna is that there is a LOT to see and do, so you do need a fair few days there if you want to see it all. I just didn't enjoy my experience in Vienna; I'm sure some people love it, but it was just *a lot* for me.

Dominican Republic

Not to sound like a brat, of course. But the Caribbean just really isn't for me - with my fair skin, I ended up getting severely sunburnt on the first day and spending three days in the room with the air-con on, applying yoghurt to my shoulder every hour or so. You can imagine how bad that smelt. As beautiful as the Dominican Republic is with its white sand and glorious blue water, I felt quite restrained; I love exploring, but you can't really leave the resorts except on (expensive) organised tours so it really was just a pool and beach holiday. There's nothing wrong with that, obviously, I just prefer city breaks!


I like Barcelona, it's just too busy for me - I've been three times, each for the day, and I am always astounded by the sheer amount of people. It never feels safe, and I also think I've probably seen everything I want to see there now! It's a nice city and I can see why many people do love it, but I'll pass... You can read about my last trip to Barcelona HERE.

New York City

I know, I know. But again it's SO expensive, a lot of tiring travel, and another extremely busy place. I never thought I was remotely claustrophobic until I went to NYC, looked up and couldn't see the sky because the buildings are so tall. It's a fast-paced city whereas I prefer something much more laid-back, and honestly I preferred Boston much more. I mean, I wouldn't say *no* to an all expenses paid trip to New York that didn't involve any of the main tourist-y things, but I wouldn't book one myself!

Is there anywhere that you definitely wouldn't go back to? Let me know where and why! 

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  1. Agree about Barcelona, its too busy! I think you should try venturing out to Malta and different countries around Asia, you'd really like it!