Saturday 28 November 2020

Travel themed Etsy gifts for 2020

I've shared two general 'Etsy faves' blog posts recently and both have been really popular - and because I'm really good with technology I can see that a few of you have made purchases through those posts so THANK YOU for supporting these lovely small businesses during this incredibly difficult year. Anyway, I thought I'd do another Etsy round up but this time they're travel themed gifts because this is *supposed to be* a travel blog of some sorts. 2020 eh? 

Firstly is this coordinate bracelet which I absolutely adore. It makes the perfect gift for your other half if you've been somewhere really special together in the past, or if you met while travelling or whatever. And generally if you're buying for someone who has a favourite destination, it's a great idea. Prices start at £16.95 and postage is freeeee. Stunning.

This silk sun catcher is so pretty and a pertinent reminder that we will get to travel again. I just think it's so nice and so unique, too! It's £22, handmade and just really special. Perfect for an office or living room, I reckon.

Possibly my favourite thing in this blog post is this pierogi artwork; I'm currently planning to move out and I want this in my kitchen when I do!!!! You can get all sorts of recipe artwork on this Etsy shop and they're all amazing - so if whoever you're buying for has a favourite dish from somewhere they've travelled to, it's worth looking. This print starts at £17.67 depending on the size you want and will be delivered in just a couple of days. Hint hint to anyone who wants to get me a pre-emptive housewarming gift...

Everyone needs an adventure fund to save for future travels, don't they? This personalised couples one is a cute, cheesy addition to any home - especially for those who love to plan trips together. They're £30 and you can get different maps/colours too.

I love this really sleek city print - I've chosen Warsaw, obviously, but there are hundreds of places to choose from including entire countries and famous landmarks. They start at less than a fiver depending on the size of the print you want, and they're just so classy.

I might be 25 but I seem to use stickers a lot more than you'd think. I adore these cute travel stickers, which would be perfect for a travel journal or scrapbook if you're buying for someone who's into that! It's just £3 for 260 stickers and they'd make such an ideal stocking filler.

How gorgeous is this necklace? As I've got older I'm really into simply jewellery and this fits the bill - and at £27/28 (depending on what colour you want) I think it's a really good price point for a special gift that won't break the bank. Such a thoughtful gift for a travel lover!

Last but not least is this sweatshirt - I pretty much live in oversized sweatshirts and this one is really lovely. It comes in a few different colours and goes up to XXL. The design is just so funky, I love it. At less than £30 it's another really great travel themed gift idea.

Have you spotted any other travel themed gifts on Etsy? Let me know!!

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