Thursday 9 April 2020

How I'm keeping my brain busy right now

I am, as you might have noticed if you follow me on socials or are unlucky enough to be one of my close friends, struggling. I'm finding this "being cooped up inside by force" thing a bit triggering, if I'm honest. I've taken quite a few days to just cry and be sad and scared and now, I'm trying to keep myself occupied. It's okay not to be okay, of course. But I need to make sure my brain is busy, and here's what I'm doing...

Learning Polish (again)

I've downloaded Duolingo and I'm learning Polish in bitesized chunks. Seeing as I desperately love that country and really want to live there, this can only be a good thing - right? Maybe I'll be fluent by the time we're allowed to travel again...

Reading (a lot)

At first I was struggling to read, but I'm working my way through my bookshelf at some speed now. You can keep up with my recent reads on this little blog, if you want!

Watching stand up comedy

This isn't something I usually do but, as I mentioned in my monthly round up post, I'm finding it easier to concentrate when things are shorter. I've never had a great attention span, and I find films just a bit much. But 5-10 minute clips that are, usually, quite funny? I can do that.


You may have noticed I've managed to publish quite a few blog posts while we've been in lockdown. Not particularly exciting or interesting ones, but blog posts nonetheless. Hopefully you've enjoyed them!

Pampering myself

I'm talking baths (with my now-depleting stash of Lush bath bombs), face masks, painting my toe nails. The whole lot. I've actually been sticking to a sort-of skincare routine, too, which is probably quite a good thing. Maybe I'll be glowing by the end of all this - although my roots are shocking so I'll end up being in hiding for a bit longer than everyone else...

Creative writing

You might have seen I wrote some pandemic poetry. But, on top of that, I've decided to use this time to add to my undergraduate dissertation which was a creative writing piece about Eva Braun, told in the first person and including at least one Hitler sex scene. That bit was difficult to write, especially when I was 20 and even more mental than I am now, but overall I loved the research and writing process. So why not continue, eh?

That's everything I've been doing to keep myself sort-of sane while we're in lockdown. What have you been up to? Let me know!


  1. I keep thinking about Duolingo and doing a Spanish refresh! Xx

  2. Sounds wonderful! I’ve had no time to stop with the kids

  3. Creative writing and blogging have been really big ones for me too! I've been doing alot of cooking as well x

  4. It has been a struggle trying to keep your brain occupied during this lock down, I have been reading a bit which is nice.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  5. Aaaah lovely! I've actually been reading books which for me is really good!

  6. I feel like my brain has completely melted from lockdown and all I'm capable of is playing the Sims and watching Youtube, so you're doing a LOT better than me! I need to get back to blogging and reading properly as they both help sort my mind out but I am really struggling to be productive! Hope you're feeling a bit better and that the Polish is going well :)