Wednesday 25 March 2020

Creative writing | March 2020

Does anyone want to read poetry in the middle of a pandemic? I hope so, because it's kind of got me inspired to write - and I came up with this little number last night. As they often are when I post them on my blog, this poem is a first draft. But I like it a lot and I hope you do too. Feel free to let me know, but don't be too mean about it...

Photo by Kristopher Roller

The Dancing Dodo: Pandemic Poetry #1

I want to get out of here, I thought:
to step on cracks and hold your hand
again, and whisper secrets into the core 
holes of bricks all the way home - remember 

how it feels to dance with the devil and the 
dragonflies. To feel the rain bounce off
the streetlights in the early hours of a
Saturday morning as stars fall from the

sky hundreds of miles away, clattering to the
ground - a series of near misses as the headlines 
cry for what could have been. To smudge red 
paint on my aching lips and stroke the pavement, 

mimicking the heartbeat of a city that sleeps too much and
too softly. My skin tingles and the floorboards creak and salt 
gets stuck in the gap between two kitchen drawers: time 
keeps going. The world belches and all at once the clouds

roll in. I need to see urban foxes sneaking into building sites 
and scavenging moths from damp grass, and peel back this 
unwanted safety blanket as it begins to cause a rash - but for 
now I’ll keep my secrets to myself, and dance with the Dodo instead.


  1. Oh my gosh, Katy, I love this. I'm not usually that big on poetry. But some things really speak to me and I adore your writing style too! x

  2. I'm a massive poetry lover and i really enjoyed this! I hope you share more of this content on your blog x

  3. Ah I love this - such a poetry fan although I haven't written any myself in years xx

  4. Huge fan of poetry, loved this x

  5. Aww you're really talented, I couldn't write a poem to save my life!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  6. I really love this Katy, it's beautifully written and very moving. You have a real talent for poetry, I'd love to see more on your blog!