Sunday 23 February 2020

Travelling from Prague to Vienna by train

In January I did a week-long trip to Prague and Vienna - you can read about all about my time in Prague, if you haven't already, and there's loads of photos on my Instagram too. I'll be sharing all of my Vienna blog content very soon but firstly I wanted to do a quick post about travelling from Prague to Vienna!

Getting from Prague to Vienna

We actually got the train from Prague to Vienna. I booked it on the Trainline, and it cost used £31.88 for two people. We travelled at 08.44am froPraha hlavní nádraží, the main train station in Prague - it's huge, with a Sephora, Tiger, Costa and more. You can get an Uber here from the centre of town for just a couple of quid, too.

It's a busy station with a huge departure board (there's one by Costa, where had positioned ourselves) and you'll find out your platform with plenty of time to spare. I had printed our tickets out, but if you do book with the Trainline then they offer e-tickets as well.

There's a first class carriage with big leather seats which looked amazing and wasn't that much more expensive, so it's something to consider for sure. Our normal seats were comfortable regardless - we had a table, and there was nobody sat next to us either.

The on-board café/refreshment cart was cash only, so this is something to bear in mind as we barely had any cash on us by this point. Annoying as I was thirsty and also craving chocolate but what can you do!

Our train reached Wien Hbf, the city's main train station, at 12.49pm - so pretty much exactly 4 hours. Let me tell you, though, don't bother standing up as the train starts pulling in because that takes around 10-15 minutes (no exaggeration) so you may as well remain seated until it stops!

How was our journey?

The journey was smooth and easy - we only had to show our tickets once, when we were on board, and it actually went really quickly. There are various different views including these tiny mountain towns, all wooden roofs and thick snow, which were just beautiful. All in all it was a really easy way of getting from Prague to Vienna and for the price, I'd definitely recommend it!

There is free WiFi on Railjet trains, and when you log in you can check how fast the train is going. Something for your inner geek to enjoy...


Other ways of getting from Prague to Vienna

I did look into some other ways of getting from Prague to Vienna. You can get a Flixbus (really brilliant European coach company) for around the same price, and it takes pretty much the same amount of time. So I guess it just depends whether you prefer to travel by coach or train. I have to say, I think the views are probably better when you go via train but I'm just guessing...

You can also fly from Prague to Vienna. It only takes 45 minutes, although you do have to do all the security stuff which is time consuming, and costs between £12 and £90 depending on the day/time/how far in advance you book. 

So that's that on getting from Prague to Vienna. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments or drop me an email  - and I'll get back to you...


  1. Sounds like such an easy and comfortable journey - and so affordable too!

  2. Sounds like a pretty straightforward journey!

  3. That journey looks so pretty - I'm not really one for train travel!

  4. We took a train from Vienna to Budapest and it was such a nice way to travel. The scenery is lovely around there and it's so nice getting to see all the small towns rather than being stuck on a metal tube in the sky haha!

  5. I'd love to train it around Europe! Looks so much fun!

    Gemma Louise

  6. I think it sounds like so much fun!

  7. You visit some lovely places :) Vienna sounds so beautiful.

    Amy x
    The July Rose