Monday 9 December 2019

The 4 best bars in Wroclaw, Poland

Obviously, this is purely subjective - and I didn't go to every single bar in Wroclaw while we were there. However, we did go to quite a few and these are the ones that I would say, personally and in my own humble opinion, are the best bars in Wroclaw, Poland....

Kombinat, Plac Solny 6/7A

With indoor and outdoor seating, homemade raspberry vodka and an all-round cheap menu, it's hard not to name Kombinat as one of the best bars in Wroclaw. We spent a lot of time there, and drank a lot of their vodka, and it's just really nice. It's not in the very main square, meaning of a week night it's fairly quiet - but on Friday nights it is rammed, so be warned!

Literatka Cafe, Rynek 56

We didn't venture in here until our last night, which is a shame because it's lovely. Open and spacious at the front, and with a closed off indoor smoking area at the back which, if you can handle it, is worth sitting in because it has beautiful illustrations of jazz artists adorning the walls, comfy seating, a mezzanine and even a stage where they host jazz musicians. The prices were really reasonable, and on the Friday night we went in it was busy without being jam packed.


Pub Paka, 1a Nożownicza 12

A quiet bar with a decent sized outdoor area, this is perfect for a chilled out drink. I loved it in here - there is a serious lizard theme running throughout, which is cool, and the barman was pleasant. We didn't stay too long but it was nice to have somewhere without loud music and too many other people in it! Definitely one of the best bars in Wroclaw if you're after laid back vibes...

Czupito, Ruska 8, 50-079

If you love shots, then this is ones of the best bars in Wroclaw for you. They have an extensive menu of shots that are almost like tiny cocktails - some come with biscuits or sweets on top, and they're all a strange mixture of spirits. It's two shots for 6 zloty between 4 and 10pm, so it's the perfect place to go on your way to other bars or for a quick after-dinner shot. Between us we tried tequila sunrise, the toilet, Bob Marley and apple pie; all weird, and almost wonderful, but really interesting. The staff are friendly and service is quick, so I'd definitely recommend!

So, I reckon they're the 4 best bars in Wroclaw. If you've been, what do you think? If not, which one sounds the best to you?


  1. These all look so cool and I love that you've got such a diverse mix in here. That lizard bar looks amazing, but I already know I'd be in the Czupito trying out all of their wild and wonderful shots! It sounds like a great city with a really fun nightlife scene, I'd really love to visit.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  2. The big lizard one looks so fun! Bit different from a Wetherspoons! haha xx

  3. These all look like really cool bars! I like the one with all the books in it! x


  4. They look so cool and interesting.

  5. All these places look and sound so cool! I really want to visit Poland.
    Soph - x

  6. Czupito reminds me of a place in Gdańsk called Lumi Shot Bar that I love visiting with friends, so I would gladly go there! I definitely need to plan a trip to Wrocław in 2020, it's been on my list for ages xx

    Dominika | Into the Bloom

  7. I definitely need to do some travelling next year, you have visited some lovely places.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  8. These all sound like amazing bars, especially the last ones! The shots look so quirky and amazing x