Wednesday 11 December 2019

Food & drink gift ideas 2019

One of the best things you can give someone is food, I reckon - with drink a close second. Okay it sucks when you get a bottle of red wine from your secret santa, despite the fact you only drink rosé, or a distant relative gives you coconut chocolate even though you can't stand it. But some food and drink gifts are really special, and really nice. So here's a bit of a round up for you...

Gin there, done that...

Gin is still so in. It's amazing, honestly. But new flavours are cropping up all over the place from all of your favourite brands and Tipple Box have hit the nail on the head with their Yard of Gin. Seriously, it's a box that's a yard long filled with 12 miniature bottles of gin from various brands, in various flavours. What a cracking idea for a gin lover, or for yourself! GET IT HERE FOR UNDER £50.

Bite me

I absolutely love the idea of getting brownies delivered through the post. It's kind of luxurious, because you're paying more than you would at Asda and you don't have to leave the house, although you do have to wait a few days. But it's always worth it, and when Sweet Reason Co offered to send me some of their gluten free brownies to show you guys, I obviously said yes. There's 4 different flavours in their gluten free range, and they have lovely Christmassy packaging - maybe if you're not getting to see a certain person this Christmas, send them some brownies! These are particularly gooey and squidgy and delicious. GET SOME HERE FOR UNDER £25

Pop it like it's hot

This next item isn't actually food per se: it's a popcorn maker! It was sent to me from Von Shef, and it looks so cool. I am actually gifting this to my nephew as part of his Christmas present from me, and I know he'll love it. The retro look is great, the lid doubles as a measuring scoop, and it uses hot air so you literally only need to add the kernels to make yourself a load of popcorn. You also get cinema-style popcorn boxes for extra fun. Winner, if you ask me. GET IT HERE FOR UNDER £20.

Ham(per) it up

I like this as a gift idea, because you can personalise it SO easily. You can order a pre-made hamper in a wicker basket and all that good stuff, which is usually full of jam or cheese or craft ale. They're a great idea if you don't have much time on your hands, or you want something that can be delivered straight to the person you're buying it for. Another great idea, though, is to get a cardboard box or one of those baskets you can buy in Poundland or B&M, and just fill it to the brim with someone's favourite snacks/drinks. If you were doing one for me, for example, you could cram it with cheese and onion PomBears, chocolate orange bites, cans of Pepsi and/or Strongbow Dark Fruits and some Jelly Tots. It's not too expensive, especially if you hit up the discount stores to buy them, and whoever is on the receiving end is sure to LOVE you for it!

By hook or by crook...

I was over the moon when Crooked Beverage Co sent me some of their drinks to feature in this gift guide. They're so unique, and would be perfect to pop in a homemade hamper or someone's stocking! Every flavour is so unique (my favourite is...) and they're not too sickly sweet. Perfect for a little tipple on Christmas night, or for going hard on New Year's Eve. Drink responsibly though, chums. Available at all decent supermarkets by the way!

What food or drink are you hoping to find beneath the tree this year?


  1. A popcorn maker would be amazing to have, especially if you have a lot of movie nights! x


  2. Gin is the perfect gift to both give and receive x

  3. Oh I love the crooked jars! What a fab idea xx

  4. I'll be buying the gin gift set for myself please and thank you! Love a good gin!

    Gemma Louise

  5. I absolutely love these gift ideas - you can never go wrong with some gin and brownies! My favourite has to be the popcorn maker though, I have a lot of Netflix / movie nights with my boyfriend, so it would definitely come in handy!

    Dominika | Into the Bloom

  6. Oh yes they all look so good! I love a drink gift!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. Love the Edinburgh Gins, they're my favourite.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  8. Anything Gin or chocolate themed works for me! x

  9. fab ideas. I got a gin bell! its amazing

  10. The tipple box looks absolutely amazing, I would love to recieve something like that as the variety is great x

  11. We always make a hamper for my dad's Christmas present as he's so hard to buy for - it's usually just filled with wine and cheese though haha. I love the look of the yard of gin - I'm a big gin fan so that's a really fun way to try lots of flavours! And the popcorn maker is a guaranteed crowdpleaser, I'd have been so happy to get one of those!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety