Thursday 19 December 2019

AD My go-to festive hair style

If there’s one thing I love about Christmas, it’s getting the chance to dress up all fancy on numerous occasions. Whether it’s a Christmas Eve shin dig, a nice meal on Christmas Day or a night out on New Year’s Eve, there are so many chances to get all glammed up! I wanted to show you my go-to Christmas party hair, which is so quick and easy it makes getting ready so much better...

Gone are the days when I attempted fancy up-dos and all that jazz; for me now, it’s simple curls. I always make sure to wash my hair the day before, so that it’s not too soft - otherwise the curls just do not hold. A bit of texturising spray helps with this, too. I section my hair, throwing the top two thirds onto my head, and then use fairly wide-barrelled tings to start curling. I don’t go from the root, otherwise I end up with massive bouncy ringlets; instead I go from about halfway down, making sure to hold it on the barrel for at least 30 seconds before letting it drop.

Once the bottom layer is done I’ll take the middle layer down, leaving the very top layer still up there, and curl that. I use hairspray as I go, to ensure it holds as well as possible, and then when it’s all done I’m left with soft waves that I absolutely love. With the top layer, which tends to be the bits around my face, I curl them a little tighter just to make sure they stay in - after all, they’re the bits you see in Christmas party selfies!

It’s quick and easy to do, but I genuinely love how my hair looks when it’s curled. You can also accessorise with fancy clips or a nice hair band, which is a fab way to tie your hair in with your outfit. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. What’s your go-to festive hair style? 

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  1. This hairstyle looks so lovely on you! I used to curl my hair a lot before parties and various get-togethers, but I haven't done it in a while.

  2. Ah your hair looks so pretty! I can't wait to actual style my hair properly this year now it's been cut! x


  3. I curl my hair everyday, it looks so flat otherwise!

    Gemma Louise

  4. I try my best to curl my hair for Christmas and any other festive activities because I think curled hair just looks so cute x

  5. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous curled like that, I love it! I need to take a bit better care of my hair - it's really curly and thick so it is a mission to take care of but if I made the effort it might look alright haha. I usually just chuck it up in a ponytail which isn't very festive! x
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety