Monday 21 October 2019

Loving lately | October 2019

It's been a while since I've done a 'loving lately' post so in case you're interested, here's all the things I've been using/doing lately that I'm, well, loving!


I recently went to Spain for a week and absolutely loved just being able to chill out, as well as taking a wee day trip to the busy city of Barcelona. I've written about the trip HERE if you want to know more, but I honestly had a ball and it was just what I needed.

I'm also loving the fact that my freelance work has really taken off recently - I currently have two steady clients with a lot of ad-hoc work coming in too. I quit my office job just under a year ago, but didn't start actively looking for freelance work until January of this year. To say I'm now matching my income from when I worked in a job that didn't challenge me, which I had to travel to and just honestly didn't enjoy, makes me so proud!


I saw Joker in the cinema and thought it was fantastic. I'm not a film critic by any stretch of the imagination but I really bloody loved it, and would recommend it. I've also just finished watching Black Spot on Netflix, which is terribly dubbed (it's French) and really far-fetched but a good watch all the same.

Music wise, I didn't do a playlist for this month because I was heading to Spain - you can listen to my holiday playlist HERE if you're interested, though. I've also been listening to Missy Higgins a lot, just because I adore her, and my boyfriend's band recently released a brilliant new album and I've had that on a lot lately, too.


My top product of the moment is probably the Miracle Water* by iT Cosmetics - it has worked wonders for my skin over the past few weeks, and gets off the most stubborn make up. It's expensive but SO worth it! I've also been loving the Design.ME PowerDry.ME* - you spray it in your hair before you blow dry it and it makes your hair dry quicker?! It's SO clever and a proper time-saver.

I've been getting classic lashes done, and I'm obsessed. I feel a million dollars even when I don't have any make up on, and it saves so much time getting ready. Honestly you'll never catch me with just my natural lashes again. If you're local to me I'd definitely recommend Eleanor because she's a babe and mine look boss.

So there's everything I've been loving lately! Tell me in the comments what you've been loving this month too.

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  1. I love IT Cosmetics, so definitely wanna give that mist a try!

  2. Congratulations on your freelance work, it goes to show that hard work always pays off! And I would love to try both of the beauty products you mentioned - I've been loving IT Cosmetics lately and it takes ages to blow dry my hair, so they sound absolutely perfect.

    Dominika |

  3. Congrats on your work! It must be such a thrill to have gotten yourself so far! :) Also, just listened to your boyfriend's band, why didn't I know about them sooner?! I've followed them on Spotify :)
    Bella x -

  4. I really want to see Joker! I've heard nothing but good things about it. Amazing news on your job too, so glad you're so happy with what you're doing now! x


  5. Ive heard so many good things about IT cosmetics, I'm a really big fan of Joker. I saw it Monday and I enjoyed it so much, it was such a good film! X

    Kayleigh Zara ❄️✨

  6. Congrats on the freelance life, it's so rewarding working for yourself and earning a decent wage, been doing it for over two years now and I still love it!

    Gemma Louise

  7. I'm still so jealous of Spain! I left my heart there and I'm dying to go back again soon. I think Joshua would love it so much xx

  8. I saw Joker too and it was bloody brilliant wasn't it!

  9. Congrats with your freelance work - how exciting! I haven't been to Spain for a few years and I miss it, it's probably one of my favourite places! x

    Megan Elizabeth

  10. The Joker film is on my list to see, I might try and go this week! :)

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  11. totally agree with IT cosmetics. I keep going back for sample pots of the foundation because i cant afford it hahaha it's on the xmas list!

  12. I SO need this blowdry spray! I have a ton of thick hair and it's a hardcore workout trying to blowdry my hair. In summer, I barely bother but in winter I have to!

  13. I’ve seen Joker twice so far and I love it. Such amazing acting.

  14. Spain looks wonderful I would love to go one day and I need to try more from IT Cosmetics x

    Joyce |

  15. I need to try something from IT Cosmetics, it all looks so nice!

  16. You've absolutely smashed it im so proud of you! We went to see Joker last night and it's incredible. Lashes are so addictive arent they?!

  17. That's amazing that you're doing so well with your freelance work - congratulations and well done on your hard work! Your trip to Spain looked amazing, I've never been so I really need to sort that. That hair stuff sounds incredible?! My hair takes about a decade to dry so I need to test it out!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety