Friday 11 October 2019

Eight recent reads | oct19

I'm back with another recent reads post and this one is long. Having recently been on holiday, I've read SO much lately - which is never a bad thing! I'll just crack on with it, though, so here's EIGHT recent reads...

First up this month is Girl Unknown by Karen Perry. I loved this - such a tense storyline and I really didn't see the twist coming. It's about a university lecturer who finds out about a daughter he was previously unaware of, and how she slots into their family. Would recommend! BUY HERE

I finally read Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan after having it on my bookshelf for around six years. I didn't hate it but I also didn't exactly *get* it, and I love YA so it's not that. I just found it really odd - maybe too far fetched? I'm just not sure what to say about it! It follows two young lads, both called Will Grayson, and details how their lives intertwine. There's also a big musical at the end. BUY HERE

I picked up another Karen Perry book, Can You Keep a Secret?, which I enjoyed - not as much as Girl Unknown, but it is a really interesting storyline and I liked the way it was written. The story is about a woman who goes back to a big house that her childhood best friend lived at, for one last hurrah before the house is sold. Needless to say, everything goes a bit skewiff. BUY HERE

I found Second Glance by Jodi Picoult at a 20p book stall which sees to pop up in my local shopping precinct every month or so. May I continue to reiterate that this is a FANTASTIC way to stock up your bookshelves if you're a fast reader! Anyway, this book was beautiful. Almost poetic in style, it's about a tiny town in Vermont where all this unexplained stuff is happening, and about a guy who is still trying to get over losing the love of his life. It is truly one of her best books and I would highly recommend it! BUY HERE

The Missing by C L Taylor was my next read; I really enjoyed this one, except for the proofreading errors. The story and writing were great, though - it's about a woman who's son has gone missing, and they're six months down the line still trying to figure out what happened and how to heal. Definitely read if you're into your psychological thrillers. BUY HERE

Next up I read Try Not To Breathe by Holly Seddon which was fantastic - SO clever. It's from two POVs: an alcoholic journalist, and a coma patient who survived a brutal attack. Their lives come to overlap, and it's just brilliantly written. I did guess the twist, but only just! Would really recommend this one, I loved it. BUY HERE

I then read Into The Water by Paula Hawkins - and truthfully I found it a bit meh. I've never read Girl on the Train, but it's so revered that I expected this book to be incredible. And it was just okay, really. It's about a woman who's sister is writing about women who have died in this drowning pool in the village where she lives, and then she (the writer) dies there herself so the sister has to come and sort everything out. It's alright, but I wouldn't say it's a must-read! BUY HERE

Last but not least, another YA book - Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. Bloody hell that book is just gorgeous. Set in the 80s, it's a double POV story about a boy and a girl who meet on their school bus. It's so overwhelmingly lovely and heartbreaking and raw, and I really do think this is one everyone should read. BUY HERE

So that's everything I've read recently - I'm getting ever closer to having read 50 books in 2019, which you can follow along with on Twitter if you're interested...

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  1. I love it when that little book stall pops up!!! My pile from there keeps getting bigger. I love Jodi Picoult and Second Glance sounds amazing - that's definitely going on my list!

  2. I've got a reading list as long as my arm, but after seeing your post, I can't help but add more books to it - Girl Unknown sounds particularly interesting! I've been wanting to read Into the Water for a while now because of all the hype and I wonder how I'm going to like it!

    Dominika |

  3. I've added The Missing to my to read list! I've just finished Why I'm Not Talking to White People About Race and now at a loss at what to read next xx

  4. I just read Sleep by C. L. Taylor and it was brilliant! I'll have to add The Missing to my TBR list. I've read the girl on the train, I think it was pretty good, I would definitely read it again, but wouldn't be my first choice off the shelf if that makes sense haha!
    Bella x

  5. Always love hearing your book thoughts. I'll definitely be adding Try Not To Breathe to my list now, I love books that have a couple of POV's when they're done well :)

    Kate |

  6. The only book I've read on this list is will Grayson because I used to be a massive fan of John Greens writings! Second glance sounds like it was a right bargain, and I love the sound of the plot! I'll be having a browse on Amazon for it x

    Kayleigh Zara ❄️✨

  7. You're the 3rd person to say that they were entirely underwhelmed by Into The Water! I've just finished my Jack Reacher novel (maybe number 19 I think) and just delving into a Jojo Moyes book for some light reading, hopefully!

  8. I really liked Will Grayson, Will Grayson! It was a bit odd but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hated The Girl on the Train - in fact I didn't even finish it so I probably wouldn't rush to pick up another one of her books!


  9. Love this! Definitely going to check some out x

  10. I loved The Missing, I always enjoy her books. I always notice the proof reading errors as well though!

  11. My TBR list is already huge but I've just added even more to it after this post! I keep hearing amazing things about CL Taylor and I love psychological thrillers so I need to get my hands on The Missing. I've also heard so many good things about Eleanor and Park, I need to read it soon!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  12. I really want to read The Missing but I haven't found a copy yet - it sounds great! Perfect to get my teeth into!

  13. I need to put more time away for reading. some of these sound fab