Thursday 18 October 2018

Five recent reads | oct18

My first ‘recent reads’ post went down really well, and since then I’ve read even more books – I placed an order on The Works, taking full advantage of their 6 for £10 offer, as well as raiding my own bookcase and my dad’s. Commuting an hour each way to work is something that really gets me down because it’s such a waste of precious time, but I’ve been spending my commute with my nose stuck in a book, in another world or in someone else’s mind, and that makes it a little bit better. So here’s some recent reads, part two!

I mentioned at the end of my first recent reads post that I had just started The Passenger by Lisa Lutz and I really enjoyed it; I took it from my dad’s bookcase and we have quite a similar taste in books so I expected to love it, and I wasn’t disappointed. It follows the story of a woman on the run who keeps changing her identity, which you’d think might get confusing but it’s really well written and easy to follow as well as being full of drama and tension, secrets and lies and accusations. It’s definitely one for you if you love a good thriller.

Having read Camilla Way’s The Lies We Told and mentioning it in my previous recent reads post, my mum’s friend passed on another of her books for me: Watching Edie, which I didn’t love as much but still really enjoyed and finished in a day. It’s a story split over two different time points, separated into ‘Before’ and ‘After’ chapters. Edie and Heather were best friends in sixth form, but something terrible happened (although we don’t find out what until the very end) and they are pitted against each other as the good guy and the bad guy. There’s a sub-plot with Edie’s neighbour and her abusive ex-husband, and Edie has a baby now, and the book keeps you guessing right the way through. Like I said, I didn’t love it quite as much as The Lies We Told but it’s still an incredible book!

Beautiful Liars by Isabel Ashdown is one I was really looking forward to – when I spotted it on The Works I added it to my basket straight away, having read and loved Little Sister a few months ago. I found it to be a bit of a slow starter but it turned out to be amazing. The plot is quite convoluted but the characters are just SO well written to the point of actually being a bit frightening, and I couldn’t wait to find out the truth behind the disappearance of 17 year-old Juliet, which is right at the heart of the storyline. Sooooo good.

I’d never read any of Lucy Clarke’s books before, but I really enjoyed Last Seen which follows the story of two women, best friends since childhood, their lives anchored together by a tragedy that happened 7 years ago on the sandbank where they spend their summers. Of course, the secrets that often come alongside a tragedy have a way of catching up with you and that’s exactly what happens in this book, which is full of twists and turns, lies and hidden layers and above all, a healthy dose of drama. I found the ending to be a little bit disappointing but I still thought it was a great book and I’d recommend it.

A couple of months ago I was sent a lot of new release books from various Penguin imprints, one of which was Need To Know* by Karen Cleveland which is a story about espionage and Russian sleeper spies and family betrayals. It's not the best book I've ever read but I did enjoy it - and there's a pretty good twist at the very end...

As always, hit me up with book recommendations! There'll be another 'recent reads' post coming soon for your enjoyment.

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