Thursday 11 October 2018

Arriva Click in Liverpool (AD)

Living so close to Liverpool means I spend a lot of time there - I also work there 3 days a week, so it's pretty much my second home. I’m not mad on getting the train, and it's a busy city so getting around can be difficult, but Arriva have just launched their Click service and I got to try it out yesterday for the very first time.

sunset in liverpool

arriva click app

It's got a really user-friendly app which you can download from GooglePlay and the App Store, and you put credit onto the app as Arriva Click is a completely cashless service; it shows you the journeys you've done, and any future journeys you've got booked (and you can plan regular journeys too, so if you want to use it to get to & from work each day the journey will always be booked). You can add 'favourite places' on it to book journeys with ease, and incredibly the app has SO many places you can put in as your destination - I often find with taxi apps I have to put in the next best place as my actual destination never seems to be on there!

arriva click minibus

Arriva Click have a fleet of minibuses, and I ordered one to pick me up form work - the seats are comfy and it has USB charging ports, tables and cup holders, seatbelts and big picture windows to gaze out of as well as being completely accessible for disabled people. The best thing about the Click service, in my opinion, is that it works on a bit of a car-share system. So the minibus picked me up from work, and then picked up someone else who was going the same way as me and had also ordered a Click - a bit like a regular bus, but taking us both directly to where we wanted to go. This reduces your journey cost and I also think it's really eco-friendly!

arriva click in liverpool

arriva click minibus in liverpool

The service is currently available between South Liverpool and the city centre, and the journey from Brunswick to Dale Street only cost me just over three quid - usually it's over a fiver if I get a normal taxi. I was genuinely so impressed by how easy it is to use, how convenient it is, and how comfy the minibuses are. 10/10 would recommend for travelling in Liverpool - thanks so much to Arriva for letting me try the service out, you're boss.

For a free ride on the Arriva Click service, use the code 'LILAC'.

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