Wednesday 4 September 2019

Pieminister: gluten free pie review

At the weekend I went out for lunch in Liverpool and, knowing Pieminister on Bold Street had gluten free options, decided to head there. I went to Pieminister in Nottingham (read about that trip here) and enjoyed it, so I knew it would be decent.

Gluten Free Moo

I ordered the Gluten Free Moo, a classic steak and ale pie made with a gluten free pastry. I ordered it as a deal for £9.95 where you got two sides, though I paid a quid to upgrade one of them two a super side. This was kind of confusing on the menu, but the staff will explain it to you if you're a bit dense like me. I opted for the pie with mash and onion rings, but I must have read the menu wrong because the waiter came back to tell me the onion rings aren't gluten free. I swapped them for chips...

a pie on a white plater with a bowl of chips and a metal gravy jug on a plank of wood

Of course, this meant I had mash AND chips but you know what, it was a Sunday and you can't really have too much potato can you? The chips have rosemary salt on them and are delicious; the mash is creamy and the accompanying gravy was lovely too.

So, the pie itself. To be honest - it was unreal. Out of this world. Phenomenal. Having previously tried a gluten free pie that was really dry and difficult to eat, I was blown away by how soft the pastry was and how ~ normal ~ it tasted. I really, properly, throughly enjoyed my meal. I'd highly recommend Pieminister if you eat a gluten free diet; you can get the Moo which I had, or opt for the Heidi (goat's cheese, spinach, red onion & sweet potato) or the Ranger (chicken, ham & leek).

a bottle of coke with a neon sign in the background saying can i lick it? yes you can

Fun fact: I was in work that night and someone asked me why I was so chipper to which I responded "I had a really good pie today" ... it's that good!

If you're looking for gluten free pie in Liverpool, then Pieminister is the place to go - they also have restaurants in Nottingham, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, Leeds and Sheffield currently. With vegan pies, gluten free pie and more you just can't go wrong.