Wednesday 7 August 2019

26 hours in Nottingham - day 2

My second day in Nottingham was loads of fun - here's what I got up to! Again, this post is in partnership with Visit Nottingham/Marketing NG, the tourist board. So thanks again for sorting the trip out for me guys, you're the best. Without further ado...

Stonebridge City Farm, Nottingham

In the heart of the city, on the grounds of what was once to be a school, lies Stonebridge City Farm. It's a charity organisation with a café, play area and of course, plenty of farm animals. From pygmy goats to a massive tortoise called Kevin, there's loads of animals there and you can feed them! I'd highly recommend a visit if you're in the area; it's free to visit, but donations are of course welcomed. I absolutely loved it here and it's perfect if you've got kiddos. more info here

iLocked Escape Rooms, Nottingham

If you know me, you'll know I bloody love escape rooms. Like, I've done over 50 of them, in at least 4 different countries. So when I saw an escape room my itinerary I was thrilled! iLocked is a lot more technical than other escape rooms I've done; we did the The Mummy which was soooo hard, but we got out with 2 minutes to spare and we honestly had so much fun doing it, despite how stressful it was... If you're an escape room lover, definitely check these guys out because they're something a bit different and definitely a challenge! more info here

Annie's Burger Shack, Nottingham

Next up it was lunch time, and we were booked in for burgers at Annie's - one of the most popular places in Nottingham. Hoooooo boy. I've never seen portion sizes like it (but Annie is American, so that's kind of a given). I opted for The North Carolina: a burger topped with BBQ pulled pork, red Leicester and crispy fried onions, with a side of curly fries. Absolutely unreal. Annie's also offer all of their burgers as veggie or vegan, which is amazing! We then got to meet Annie and have a tour (the tavern downstairs looks unreal for pint or 6) and she was an absolute dream. more info here

Zero Latency, Nottingham

We had a lovely walk around the city before reaching our final stop, within the intu Victoria Centre - a virtual reality gaming experience at Zero Latency. This didn't sound like my cup of tea, but I'll give anything (most things) a go once so we headed up there and donned heavy rucksacks, goggles with screens, and big headphones. And it was AMAZING. You're in a massive empty room, and on your goggle screen it looks like a video game - you're a character within the game and when you walk, so does your character. There are certain things to collect and you have to walk in strange directions. It's disconcerting but so much fun. I'd recommend it to anyone! more info here

Coming home

On the way back to the station I popped into Flying Tiger at intu, because we don't have one in Liverpool and I always have to make the most of it. I treated myself to a tote bag, some notebooks and some other bits which I showed on my Instagram story (follow me here if you're not already). Then I grabbed my suitcase from the hotel (we'd stored them there for a £1 charity donation) and hot-footed it to the station in an Uber to catch my train.

Exhausted but happy I finally rolled into Liverpool three hours later after the best whirlwind trip to Nottingham. I feel like I did so much, and saw some gorgeous bits of the city. I'll definitely be back!

For day 1 of my trip, CLICK HERE


  1. I've always wanted to try an escape room! Looks amazing x

  2. I didn't know you could do so much in Nottingham - it's only an hour from me!

  3. The farm looks do cute. I've never done an escape room before but it sounds fun.

  4. Omg Curley fries! I haven’t ate them in the longest time.

  5. I've worked in Nottingham and really enjoyed exploring the city outside of work hours. It looks like you had a fab time :) xx

    Jessie |

  6. All the food looks amazing! I need to try an escape room some time x

    Joyce |

  7. That looks like such an incredible time!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  8. I didn't know there was so much to do in Nottingham! xx

  9. ah I love a farm trip! I haven't done one this year and I really need to! Get back to nature!

  10. I've only ever done one escape room but it was so fun with my pals! Need to do another one day!

    Gemma Louise

  11. Looks like you had such a good time, that burger looks incredible!!

    Kate |

  12. Ahh wow it sounds like there's a lot to do in Nottingham!
    I've never done an escape room, that one sounds great - so does the VR experience.
    That burger is MASSIVE and looks incredible x

  13. I can literally get to Nottingham in half an hour, so I've loved reading someone else's take on the best things to do! There's so much I haven't done, even though I'm so close.