Saturday 13 April 2019

Wok to Walk, Liverpool | review

Noodles usually wouldn't be my go-to in terms of picking a type of food to eat when I'm out and about - but honestly, my mind has been changed since I was invited to try out the new Wok to Walk on Bold Street, Liverpool. With it's stylish interior and varied menu, it's a boss take on fast food and one that fits in well with the Liverpool food scene.

Wok to Walk, Liverpool

Originally opening in Amsterdam, Wok to Walk now have locations around the world - and Liverpool is one of thirteen UK stores. Fitting in perfectly on Bold Street, there's plenty of choice when it comes to food and you can either stay in and eat or, as the name suggests, take it away with you. The food comes in those cardboard containers that are so synonymous with noodles and Asian food in general, and you get chopsticks too. Don't worry, though, if you're a chopstick-phobe like me; there are forks available!

The menu

All of the ingredients are completely fresh and also free from MSG - plus you can watch them prepare your dish right in front of you. First of all, you choose your base: there are 4 different kinds of noodle to choose from (egg, whole-wheat, rice or udon) or you can go for actual rice or a vegetable mix. Then you can add whatever fillings you want: chicken, tofu, bacon, baby corn, mushrooms, nuts and more. Pick from 8 different sauces, and then choose your topping as well. Prices start at just over £4, and it gets slightly more expensive the more fillings you add - but still not megabucks!

My verdict

I went for egg noodles with katsu chicken, saigon sauce and sesame seeds on top - and it was absolutely incredible. There was sooooo much in the box and it was warm with a generous amount of chicken; the sauce wasn't too runny or anything, and the sesame seeds just gave it the perfect finishing touch. 10/10 genuinely couldn't fault it.

So if you're looking for the best noodles in Liverpool, I think I might have found them - I'll definitely be heading back there ASAP...

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