Sunday 7 April 2019

Poseidon, Wallasey | review

When I was younger, I went to Greece a couple of times and, being the fussy eater I was (am) I stuck to pizza and chips. I regret not really delving into the proper Greek food available to me, and my parents always make me so jealous when they go to Greece now and show me what they've been eating. So even though it's not the same, I've been trying Greek food in England - the latest being Poseidon on Seaview Road in Wallasey. It came highly recommended by my mum and dad, so P and I went there for tea on a Sunday evening.

Poseidon, Wallasey

The decor is cute and homely, and the music is traditionally Greek. The staff are really welcoming, and they sat us down near the window before taking our drink orders - vodka lemonade for me, red wine for P while we tried to decide what to eat. The menu is huge and really varied, so we were spoilt for choice...


I settled on cheesy garlic bread, because I'm a creature of habit, and it was absolutely delicious. The bread was softly toasted and there was plenty of cheese. Highly recommend. P had the halloumi, which he said was crispy on the outside and really soft on the inside, and from what I can tell he really enjoyed it. The food was warm and the portions were big, and they came out fairly quickly too.

two chicken skewers and some salad on a white plate


I was torn on what to order for my main course, but in the end I opted for chicken souvlaki - two skewers of tender chicken, cooked to perfection. P had meatballs, which he said were boss. They brought out a huge dish of rice and a huge dish of proper Greek potatoes: oily and herby and absolutely delicious. There was buttery pitta bread too, as if we might not have enough carbs to choose from! The meal was reaaaalllly filling but everything tasted so good.


They brought out dessert menus, which were full of typical Greek desserts, but the pair of us were stuffed so we politely declined. Instead they gave us shots of something blue and sweet, on the house, before delivering our bill. The meal came to just over £39 - for a large glass of wine, 2x vodka & lemonade, two starters and two mains, I think this is pretty standard and we were more than happy to pay it.

If you're looking for Greek food in Wallasey, definitely check out Poseidon; traditional Greek food in a lovely setting, what more could you want?

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