Wednesday 3 April 2019

My top 4 moisturisers for dry skin

If you read my blog already, you'll know I have very dry skin - if not, well, hey, I have really dry skin. I suffer from eczema and my skin is pretty sensitive, and it's probably no surprise that I've tried a lot of different moisturisers over the years. I have a drawer full of them in my office, and more dotted around my bedroom and bathroom. So I thought it was probably about time, really, to put together a post with my top 4 moisturisers for dry skin: the holy grails of my collection. Pls do remember this is what works for MY skin when it's dry (not when my eczema is really bad) and there's no guarantee it'll work for your's!!!

Garnier SkinActive Natural Honey Flower Moisturiser

This is a budget option, coming in at under a fiver, and it's absolutely amazing. It's really thick, so it can take a while to sink in, but it's so moisturising and smells delicious - in fact, it smells edible. I love this for the day time and it works well under make up if you give it a bit of time to soak into your skin! click here to buy

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream

This whole range from Clarins is excellent, and I love this is as an easy go-to morning moisturiser. It sinks in well but really hydrates the skin, and sits well if you're wearing make-up on top. It's pricey but at the same time, well worth it. And it smells ~dead nice~ if that's something you tend to look for in a moisturiser. click here to buy

two pots of moisturiser on some floral bedding

Ziaja Aloe Vera Facial Cream

I bought this the last time I was in Poland, and I absolutely love it. It feels SO thick but it's not greasy in the slightest, and it's really mild and lovely. Again this works really well under make up, doesn't have any scent in particular, and leaves me skin feeling well nourished. click here to buy

nspa Pure Hydration Overnight Mask*

Not a moisturiser, per se, but when my skin is REALLY dry I use it as one. It's a product I gravitate towards at night because I like the smell and it's super thick - it doesn't sink in quickly at all, but what can you expect from a mask? If my skin is in bad shape, I do use it as a day time moisturiser but only if I'm not planning on wearing make up that day. click here to buy

If your skin is crying out for even more moisture, facial oils are a good way to go - I have a whole post about the best facial oils and I'm recently been trying a new one, so keep your eyes peeled! Also let me know which moisturisers are your go-to for dry skin...

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