Monday 1 April 2019

AD | Spring wishlist 2019

I love shopping, but I'm currently trying to be sensible and not spend too much (lol) so instead of actually going shopping, I thought I'd put together a wishlist post because it's been ages since I did one of these and they're quite fun to do. So here's my Spring wishlist 2019, in partnership with Latest Deals - so if you are doing some Spring shopping, you might be able to save some pennies...

Firstly, these sisterhood notebooks from Paperchase; they're £8 each and I absolutely love them, especially the boob one. Who doesn't want a notebook with boobs on it, honestly? The other one is cute too, but I'm mostly drawn to the boob notebook. Paperchase stationery is always good quality, and I always have new projects on the go so it's always something I can sort of justify.

This Adidas t-shirt is lush - the colour is SO spring like, not too bright but colourful enough, and this style of t-shirt is so easy to wear with jeans or leggings, or shorts if the weather is warm enough! I have the black version and always feel really cool when I wear it, so it'd be great to have a different variation. Latest Deals often have links to fantastic offers for Adidas products, so if you're coveting something too be sure to check their site out before you order!

I love a good pin badge (my rucksack is covered in them) and this positive pants pin badge is the cutest thing I've ever seen. It's under a fiver from Treatbox on Etsy and I'm definitely ordering it at some point...

I spotted this denim boiler suit on Miss Selfridge, and I love it because it's short sleeved - mostly they have long sleeves, which is cool but it's nice to go for something a bit different and this definitely is. The tapered legs are a bit of me, too. And the buttons! Basically I just like this a lot.

Stella and Wolf are another Etsy brand, and these earrings are so sweet - glitter, tassels, and supporting small businesses? That's what 2019 is all about.

Next are one of those brands that feels kind of grown up to me, and a lot of the stuff isn't very 'me' - but this dress is SO me. I love a good shirt dress, and a good floral pattern, AND it's got yellow on it. Mostly blue, but I don't own a lot of blue so it'd be great to add a different colour into my wardrobe.

Last but not least is the new Belgian waffle candle from Yankee - oh my god. I'm yet to smell it but I know I'll like it anyway because a) it's a Yankee Candle and b) Belgian waffles, you know? Yes they're a bit pricey but for a proper spring treat, this is very high on my list!

So there you have it - let me know below what's on your Spring wishlist, and don't forget to check out the Latest Deals site to get some money off whatever you've got your eyes on.

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