Sunday 28 April 2019

Barburrito, Liverpool | review

The second North West Blog Gang menu tasting event took shape in the form of a burrito masterclass at Barburrito in Liverpool One - and we had a ball. Thanks to Barburrito head office for arranging this with me, and to the gorgeous staff at the L1 shop for looking after us on the night, and my #NWBG for making it so much fun! Without further ado...

dishes of burrito fillings with silver spoons

Barburrito: what's it all about?

Burritos, obviously. Founded in Manchester in 2005, Barburrito now has over twenty stores across the UK catering to a huge variety of people. The menu ranges from various burritos to tacos, dirty fries, ultimate nachos and more. There's a kids menu, and loads of substitutions have been made for dairy-free customers. Barburrito are also phasing out throwaway plastic cutlery, with bamboo replacements ready and waiting when the last of the plastic forks have been used. They offer delivery via Deliveroo if you're in the area, and they're basically just a bit fab.

bottles of hot sauce in a row

We got to sample all of the fillings that Barburrito offer, brought to us in little pots - my favourites were the chicken and pulled pork, and the sweet potato curry but there's also chorizo, beef and plenty of veggies. The meat is warm and juicy and not dry at all, and everything is so flavoursome which is something that always surprises me when it comes to fast food. We had tortilla chips and (very hot) salsa too, and by this point I was pretty full up but we got to make our own burritos!

me behind the barburrito counter looking proud with the burrito i made

You start with the tortilla, add your rice and spread it around then add your fillings and salad (and sauce if you want it) in a line then it's a mad roll-tuck-flip-and-fold situation to get it to look like an actual burrito. This is a skill, and I was a bit rubbish at it but it didn't stop the burrito from tasting AMAZING when I got home and ate it on the sofa watching Line of Duty.

And that's it, really - Barburrito are a no-frills burrito bar offering affordable and tasty food that will fill you up without leaving you feeling bloated and sore. If there's one near you, definitely check them out on your lunch break or while you're shopping. Keep an eye on their socials for offers, competitions and more!

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