Saturday 2 March 2019

iT Cosmetics Secret Sauce | review

Other than travelling, skincare is one of my main passions and I'm really keen to bring back the skincare reviews that have always been prevalent and popular on my blog - starting with the iT Cosmetics Secret Sauce* which I received a couple of weeks ago; I've given it a fair trial, so here's my thoughts...

I absolutely love the packaging - a heavy glass pot just feels so luxurious, and it's so shiny. The box is all iridescent, but mine got bashed around by the postman so I can't really show you. Just trust me. Anyway, in terms of packaging it's a 9/10 for me; very beautiful, very fancy, not great for travelling.

Obviously it's what's inside that counts, really, and that's equally fantastic. It has a nice but not-too-pungent (fruity) smell, which doesn't stick around too long. It sinks in SO fast, even if you're heavy handed like me and end up putting way too much on - it almost feels a bit like a primer as you rub it in, leaving your skin feeling soft but not greasy, wet or tacky. If your skin is really, really dry then it might not quite work for you but if you've got oily-normal skin then I think you'll definitely like it; the unseasonably warm weather we've been having (pls recycle) has meant that my own skin hasn't been as dry as it usually is in the winter, so it's been working so well for me. Generally, I'd use this as a summer moisturiser because it's so light and my dry skin definitely needs something heavier when the planet is actually behaving like it is winter.

it cosmetics moisturiser in a glass pot

In terms of ingredients, it's obviously full of a lot of things that have long names - but it's also jam packed with loads of different extracts and oils, and it has other good things like vitamin C/hyaluronic acid in it. Excellent stuff. It was created alongside plastic surgeons and uses Drops of Light TechnologyConcentrate as well as diamond powder, hence the super shiny packaging and the fact it makes my skin glow loads. 

So would I recommend the iT Cosmetics Secret Sauce? Yeah, I definitely would - even for my sensitive and fairly dry skin, it's been working wonders. It hasn't broken me out in any way, make up applies well on top of it, and I've been getting even more compliments on my skin since using it. It's fairly pricey but if you're into your skincare, it's worth it! Get it here.

What's your favourite high end moisturiser? Let me know down below...

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