Sunday 24 March 2019

Bath & Soaps | review

Sometimes, life gets a bit much. Sometimes nothing is going right, you've got 7 deadlines and you've fallen out with your mate and you're craving raspberry iced buns but you've got none in and Asda's shut. And in those kind of situations, one of the best ways to make things feel a bit better is to get a nice hot bath. Whether you fill it with bubbles or oil, make it sparkly or make it change colour, a good bath is absolutely key to changing your day for the better. Stick a podcast or your favourite album on in the background, pick up a good book or just close your eyes for half an hour of me time - and enjoy.

When the lovely people over at Bath & Soaps got in touch to see if I wanted to try some of their products, it was an obvious yes from me given my extreme love of baths and their healing powers. Bath & Soaps offer a huge range of products from bath bombs to essential oils, to soaps and soap cutters - so whatever you prefer when it comes to your baths, you're bound to find something perfect for you at an affordable price.

I am a big big lover of bath bombs, and they sent me three of their jumbo ones: bubblegum, cherry, and tropical paradise. They're huge and retail for £4, which personally I think is a great price especially when you consider how much other bath bombs can cost. There's loads of different scents to pick from, and out of the three I received I think the bubblegum one was my favourite - but the tropical paradise one smells like a cocktail, so if you closed your eyes when you were in the bath you could probably just about kid yourself you were in a hot tub on the top deck of a cruise ship sipping a pina colada or something.

The jumbo bath bomb are 180grams each AND full of shea butter so your skin will feel baby soft after a bath with one of these. Click here to get your hands on one (or three).

Bath & Soaps also sent me three of their olive oil artisan soap slices: lavender, vanilla, and cinnamon & orange. All of them smell utterly delicious, particularly the vanilla one which has taken pride of place in my bathroom. The thing I like about bars of soap, right, is that they're so versatile. You can use them in the traditional way, for washing your hands/body (never your face don't be ridiculous) but you can also use them for other things: cleaning your make up brushes or beauty blender, for example, or to stick in your knicker drawer to make it smell nice which is a proper old lady thing to do but is also an easy way to trick yourself and other people into thinking you've got your life together.

These particular soaps feel amazing on the skin, thanks to the olive oil, and they're £4.45 per slice which is very decent because bars of soap last forever. They're good for travelling, too, if you're packing lightly or only have hand luggage. Click here to see what other scents are on offer and get some for yourself.

Let me know your favourite bath additions...

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