Saturday 2 February 2019

Warsaw travel diary: day 4

Friday morning, P's birthday, and he was fast asleep after passing out on the sofa til 4am - I got up, had the shakes, ate some cereal, laid out the birthday banner and cards..... eventually we were both up and feeling semi-human, so we decided to (literally) blow the cobwebs away and head to the Palace of Culture and Science.

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Our first stop was the Museum of Evolution, which was 8zloty per person and entirely in Polish. This makes sense, as it's in Poland and more so aimed at Polish people because it's about evolution rather than being about something specifically to do with Warsaw that people from other countries might want to learn about. Regardless it was fun to wander round, and there was some cool taxidermy and loads of shells/rocks which I'm a bit of a nerd for.

warsaw palace of culture and science

museum of evolution warsaw

We then ventured right up to the 30th floor to the viewing terrace (20zloty per person) to get some gorgeous panoramic views of the city, which was SO cool. It was absolutely bloody freezing but the view was incredible and I'm really glad we did it. There's a little coffee shop up there too (indoors!) so we stopped for a drink before heading back out into the city.

warsaw love locks

best views in warsaw

viewing terrace panoramic warsaw

By this time we were definitely ready for lunch, and a friend had recommended Sexy Duck so that's where we headed - it was delicious, and my 'where we ate in Warsaw' blog post is coming in the next week or so, so keep your eyes peeled. After lunch we went on the longest walk EVER, down really long busy roads, in search of the Warsaw Uprising Museum. It was kind of hard to find - there might be an easier way to get there but I followed Apple Maps and it took us over some mega busy roundabouts and through some business car parks. But we got there in the end!

warsaw uprising museum

The museum itself was amazing - absolutely massive and so informative. As someone who's really interested in World War Two, I really enjoy seeing original artefacts and this museum has a room with 1000 rescued items: family photos, ID cards, medical paraphernalia, uniforms and loads more. There are also loads of interactive parts throughout the museum, and the information is simple enough for kids to understand while still being really thorough. We also got to watch one of the first 3D 'films' ever made, which shows Warsaw before it was re-built. Museum entry is 25zloty per person but free on Sundays.

warsaw city centre

iconic warsaw photos

By the time we'd done the whole museum we were knackered, but the roads were so busy we decided not to get a taxi as it probably would have taken longer than if we walked back. It was so cold and by the time we made it back the apartment we needed a little chill on the sofa, which was exactly what we did. As it was our final night in the city we also needed to pack, which for me was pretty difficult because I bought loads of *stuff* from Tiger and loads of Czekotubkas (haul post coming soon).

warsaw old town at night

warsaw old town at night

We decided to head back up to the old town for dinner, as we'd not actually been there in the dark yet and I knew it would be beautiful all lit up - and I wasn't wrong. There were stars projected onto the buildings, and the fairy lights looked beautiful. It wasn't busy at all, which was surprising for a Friday night, and we went to a lovely restaurant called Latem; we had it all to ourselves which was utterly dreamy and the food was amazing. We also had a wander around the old town and it's so relaxed at night!

As it was cold and we were tired, I booked us a taxi (I always use the iTaxi app when I'm in in Poland) back to the apartment, where we just chilled out and had an early night. And that was that, we got a taxi to the airport in the morning and came home - I won't do a day 5 travel diary because it'll be so boring, as the journey home was really smooth. Just so sad to be back! But thanks so much for reading these travel diary posts, as I bloody love writing them. There will be some more Warsaw stuff going live soon too.

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