Monday 7 January 2019

Warsaw winter city break packing list

You probably know, but I'm going to Warsaw in just over a week - and I'm soooo excited. I've not quite started packing yet, but as I was writing my list so I can tick it off as I do pack, I thought I'd pop it into a blog post it case anyone is interested in what to pack for a winter city break! To clarify, I'm flying with Ryanair and I'm taking 2 bags - a rucksack and a cabin suitcase, which is costing me £10 each way due to their new policy. So, here's what I'm packing for 4 nights in Warsaw...

can you take a kanken rucksack as hand luggage
r u c k s a c k

Notebook & pens (especially important as a travel blogger so I can make notes while we're away)
At least 3 books to read
Playing cards
Liquids bag (much easier to get out of my rucksack when going through security than out of my case; this will contain my liquid make up and skincare, shower stuff, and also hand sanitiser which is a must for flying imo)
Warm socks for the plane
Ear muffs/scarf/gloves (easy access for when we land in the freezing cold)
Plane snacks, obviously
Refillable water bottle (this is the one I have)
Extension lead (this might sound weird but I always travel with one - more on that here - and you have to put them in through security separately like with all electrical items, and again it's easier to get it out of my rucksack than rummaging through my suitcase for it)
Travel documents/passport, obviously, and my purse
Portable charger

what to pack for a winter city break
s u i t c a s e 

Underwear x4
Pyjamas (long sleeved top and full length pants)
Normal socks x4
Thermal socks x2
Black jeans
Cosy leggings (from Primark, ily)
Thermal top and leggings (Aldi have 100% Merino wool ones in store currently)
Woolly jumpers x2 (for outside kinda days)
T-shirts x2
Long sleeved top x1
Solid make-up (powder/cream products and brushes)
Hot water bottle to be filled when chilling in the apartment
Painkillers etc (just in case)
Adapter plugs
Flannels (for make up removal)
Slippers (an extra if they'll fit in)
Umbrella (if it's set to rain)

Okay, so, I think that's everything - it looks like a lot, but it's all necessary. It's going to be bloody cold, and I'm travelling in my other pair of cosy leggings with a t-shirt, hoody and my big (absolutely massive) puffa jacket from Primark as well as a pair of boots, which is all the footwear I'm taking. So that's that!

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  1. Lucky you off to Warsaw! What have you got planned for your trip?

    1. Bars and museums mostly! There's an old prison cell I'm desperate to visit and also a communism themed bar :)

  2. Eek. Can't wait for an updated blog post about your time in Warsaw!