Wednesday 23 January 2019

Sock Geeks

There's one thing I have always weirdly loved, and that's wearing a new pair of socks. If I buy new socks, I save them for days that might need a bit of perking up and by perking up, I mean wearing socks that haven't gone bobbly inside from being washed. Tell me I'm not the only weirdo? Anyway, with that in mind I was thrilled when Sock Geeks offered to sign me up to their subscription service*, where you get a new pair of socks every month.

sock subscription service

You can head to their site and take a wee personality quiz - your age, what sort of landscape would sum you up, cute photos of kittens etc - then you pick your plan, which ranges from paying per month to a full-blown 12 month subscription plan. And then they send you a pair of socks every month to fit your personality; that's all there is to it.

The socks are well-made and there are so many different designs on the site - my favourite that I've received so far (I'm an 'Extreme Sock Geek' by the way) are the Peacock socks, which are bright and colourful and cosy. I love getting a pair of socks through the door each month, especially not knowing what colour they're going to be; I think something like this would make a great gift, especially for the suave person in your life! I think Sock Geeks is *technically* aimed at men but also like, who cares right? Socks are just, well, socks.

sock subscription box

I had a 3 month subscription plan which has sadly come to an end now, and I loved the first and last pairs I got; the second pair wasn't very me, but my dad likes them so he's taken ownership of them. It really is the luck of the draw, but I'm pretty pleased with my new socks and it's a bit of fun if you've got some spare cash each month.

Would you ever try a sock subscription box?

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