Friday 17 August 2018

My top 5 podcasts

I’m one of those people who needs background noise to work, and also to sleep if I’m on my own – in the past that has meant chucking Peep Show on for the eighteenth time, or listening to American girls talk through their entire make up collection but recently, however, I’ve discovered the world of podcasts. And I bloody love them. It’s less distracting when I’m working because there’s nothing to see, and when I’m going to sleep there’s no glowing screen to keep me awake, just soothing voices talking about true crime and weird science and forgotten history. So I thought I’d compile a list of my favourite podcasts, in case you’re on the lookout for some new ones – and please let me know your favourites, on any topic, so I’ll always have something to listen to.

Stuff Mom Never Told You is the first podcast I ever listened to, back when I very first delved into podcasts during solo train rides to Chester while studying for my masters degree. But then the train rides weren’t solo for the rest of my course, and I sort of forgot all about podcasts until a few weeks ago. So I turned back to this one, and I love it. 
Favourite episode: Sex Objects in the Sky

Having watched Kendal Rae on YouTube for ages, I was excited to listen to her and her husband Josh’s podcast, Mile Higher. They talk about true crime and conspiracies and all sorts of weird/wonderful things that are going on in the world, going into real depth and sharing their opinions. I find Josh and Kendal absolutely hilarious, and because they’re so in love, they really bounce off each other and the whole thing feels so natural to listen to.
Favourite episode: The Titanic Conspiracy

I absolutely love the concept of Serial Chillers who, naturally, discuss all kinds of serial killers but with a bit of a twist: the host asks his guests questions, with points awarded for correct answers, as a way of introducing each new segment/topic of the show. This gives it a bit more of a interactive vibe and adds an interesting layer as the guests try and get as many points as possible.
Favourite episode: Cleophus Prince Jr.

Your Favourite Band Sucks is everything you’d expect it to be – two guys getting hilariously angry at how overrated some of the most popular musicians are. Think U2, The Beatles, Nirvana… it’s loud and funny and made to shock, and even when they’re talking about YOUR favourite band it’s still funny, no matter how much you might want to leap to Green Day’s defence. Definitely do start with a band you don’t like, if you decide to listen to this podcast, just so you get used to way it works before you have to hear them completely rip into someone you admire.
Favourite episode: The Smiths Suck

It took me a while to get round to listening to True Geordie but I’m so glad I did – he’s funny and serious in just the right amounts, and his co-host/producer Lawrence is cracking too. Plus the Geordie accent is my absolute favourite. He (Brian) does a lot of football things, and interviews YouTubers, and he seems like a genuinely nice guy who is interested in what people have to say. And again, his accent is wonderful.
Favourite episode: #82 Joe Sugg: Hello World, Girls & £50 Calendars

So there’s five of my favourite podcasts – please do let me know the ones you’re listening to, because I need to download some good’uns for my flight to Belgium next week.

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