Monday 13 August 2018

Hand luggage must haves

I'm travelling to Belgium at the weekend, and I'm travelling hand-luggage only; so I'll have my cabin-size suitcase with my clothes and toiletries in it, but I'll also have a handbag filled with the stuff I want to have at hand. (I feel like I've written the word 'hand' way too much already...) So, here's my hand luggage must haves for a short haul flight - fingers crossed Ryanair don't cancel it, eh?

While the bulk of my toiletries will be in my suitcase, I'll have a few bits in here: hand sanitiser, some moisturiser, deodorant and lip balm. Planes are, as we know, notorious for drying your skin out and as mine is dry enough already, skincare is a must have for me. I'm not the sort of person to do a face mask on a short haul flight - though if you are, you have my utmost respect - but these little bits are essentials in my hand luggage.

I'll obviously have my phone with me, for various reasons: my boarding pass/hotel confirmation, Spotify for podcasts and music, and also to let my family know I've arrived safe and sound etc. My headphones and portable charger are a given, too, but as for electronics that's where it ends - with it only being around a 1.5 hour flight, I don't bother with films on my laptop or anything like that as I just find it to be more hassle than it's worth!

Books, though - I always take two books in my hand luggage in case I a) finish the one I'm reading or b) absolutely hate the one I'm reading. For this flight I'm taking Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals* which is a poetry collection from Patricia Lockwood, and Nightfall Berlin* by Jack Grimwood - I'm sure there will be reviews of these soon!

Snacks are an absolute essential for flights, imo. Even though you can't take liquids through security, you can take food - so I'll be heading to ASDA the day before my flight in order to stock up on reasonably priced snacks, as opposed to paying a tenner for some crisps and a cereal bar in W H Smiths in the airport. Might even make a full on packed lunch. Who knows.

It goes without saying, my passport will be in my hand luggage - or, more likely, in my hand so I know where it is AT ALL TIMES. I'm always misplacing it, and Holly bought me a travel document folder for my birthday so I'll have that in there with all my necessary holiday information and my passport inside.

What are your hand luggage must haves? Let me know!

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  1. We always take an empty water bottle through security then fill it at one of the free water fountains in the lounge. Free water and no single use plastic - it’s a double win! (You can google where the water fountains are or look on money saving expert)