Friday 4 May 2018

Pixi Pretties - my top picks

Pixi are a brand that I have a lot of time for, and my beauty drawers are full of their products. They make simple but really beautiful make up and skincare, at a reasonable price too. You can get it in M&S and also online; I'm lucky enough to be sent their new releases, and every time I get a parcel from them it feels a bit like Christmas. I recently received their newest Pixi Pretties collection, and I wanted to share my top picks with you all. The Pixi Pretties products are produced in collaboration with beauty influencers - most recently Dulce Candy, Chloe Morello and Weylie Hoang, who are all proper stunners and definitely popular in the world of beauty bloggers. And after that terribly long intro, here we go...

Chloe's Lip Icing (£16) is definitely one of my favourites from the whole collection - it's just sooooo sparkly and it feels comfortable on the lips, although it is a gloss so bear that in mind. I genuinely don't mind, though, because it looks lush on its own or on top of just about any other lip product. I think matt liquid lipsticks are definitely more of an autumn/winter product, but if you whack this on top of one then bob's your uncle and it's spring, baby. It has rose hip and marula oils in it, meaning as well as looking gorgeous it's actually doing bits, too.

CafĂ© con Dulce (£28) is probably one of my favourite palettes ever; it's not as pigmented as some, but I genuinely don't mind that as it gives a more natural look and it means I don't have to spend ages blending the shades out. Marketed as an all-round palette, I definitely agree - if you're into sparkly blusher, there's something for you and there's definitely some banging highlighter shades, as well as something to warm up your complexion. I use it mostly for eyeshadow, and its cream-to-powder formula means the shades are all sooooo buttery. Not to mention how bloody sparkly and lovely they are.

Weylie's two products actually come together, as a Dimensional Eye Creator kit (£22), and I'm glad because I couldn't pick between them. The kit contains a gorgeous little palette with three mattes and three shimmers, and a dual-ended kohl/liquid eyeliner which is really pigmented and wonderful. It's everything you need for a simple and classy eye look, and for £22 I think this would make the perfect birthday present for any make-up lover in your life.

The other products, not mentioned, are the Chloette which is a palette containing eyeshadows, brow shades and blushers which is really similar to something Pixi have brought out in the past, and Dulces lip candy which is lovely if you like that sort of thing, or if you're a make up artist, but there is just no room in my life for a lip palette. So there we are! Have you tried any of the latest Pixi Pretties collection yet?

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