Sunday 6 May 2018

Festival fashion wishlist

It's almost the best time of year - festival season. As yet I'm not *actually* going to any big festivals this year, but I'm hoping that will change and anyway, it didn't stop me buying a jumper the other day because I thought it would be great for that time of night when you're back around your tent after the headliners have finished and there's no way you're sleeping so you're all sat on broken chairs drinking warm cider and eating those weird noodles you get at festivals that have literally no flavour. Coachella who? Anyway, here's a festival fashion wishlist because fezzie fashion is the best.

I love this white blouse/dress from Joe Browns; it says online it's a blouse, but it definitely looks long enough to wear as a dress especially if you paired it with tights or wore some of those cycling shorts underneath like everyone does on Instagram these days. It's £45 which is a bit pricey but I once had a kaftan from Joe Browns that lasted me about seven years, and I think this is a really versatile piece. Big love. 

These earrings are from a wee Etsy shop called Night Time Holiday, and these are in the style 'Clementine Chunky Arch' - I just adore them. I think they give off cool 60s vibes, and they're big and funky and bright which is everything you want in your festival earrings, surely? Same with these Barbour wellies - bright yellow, proper cool. Not much else to say about wellies, is there, except that they're obviously a much better choice than flip flops or trainers for ya muddy fields.

Another blouse, which I think would look lovely tucked into denim shorts or maybe skinny jeans because there's no guaranteeing sunshine at British festivals, is this one from FatFace; I love the pattern of it, and it's nice and floaty too, and it just screams summer. Last but not least, you've got to have a crazy festival jacket - if I do go to any, I'll be taking my vintage Adidas shell suit jacket BUT I spotted this on ASOS and there's just something about it that I love.

Are you heading to a festival this year? If so let me know which one so I can live vicariously through you this summer! I'm reaaaallllly hoping I can figure out a way of going to Download Festival because the line up this year is really truly bloody magic.

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