Saturday 19 May 2018

Not if you were the last junkie on earth (a fashion wishlist)

Recently I watched a documentary called Dig! which is about The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols and the rise and fall of their music throughout the 90s. It's definitely worth a watch - it had me hooked from start to finish and I sat there in awe the whole way through. But this isn't a blog post about a music documentary, it's something a bit different; the documentary has footage from the shoot for the video for Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth by The Dandy Warhols, which is a cracking song. The dancers in the video caught my eye because they're all decked out in checkerboards and yellow and I thought, really, that's most edgy girls on Instagram these days isn't it? I jest, but a lot of what they're wearing in this video you could buy on the high street now - so here's a bit of a fashion "wishlist" inspired by a really cool music video. Whew.

These checked trousers manage to not look entirely like chef's pants, and I love the style of them - they're from Dolls Kill so they're overpriced but I think they're gorgeous. The checkerboard pattern is something Vans are renowned for, so it's no surprise they're in here twice: first with the classic slip ons, which come in an array of colours - the original is always the best, gang. I also adore this Vans t-shirt which is exclusive to ASOS and has the whole double-layer thing going on, which is something I think looks really cool.

I love this t-shirt which is from a little Etsy shop called MingaLnd - they have loads of cool t-shirts that fit with this vibe and could have been featured in this post; this one is my favourite, though. The yellow jacket is a bit too ochre, now that I'm looking at it, but the yellow denim jacket from H&M which would have been perfect is sold out now. I have one and it's amazing. This one, however, is still lovely - it's from Dune and it's £55 so it's fairly expensive but it would just look so cool.

I don't know if this post makes as much sense now, laid out and written down, as it did in my head - but I'm feeling all of these clothes and I definitely think they could be inspired by this video!

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